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sore throat, sign and symptoms, causes, cure, treatment and prevention. (pharyngitis), Home treatment of Sore throat.

How to relieve arthritis pain, Pain in Knee joint and Hip joint.

Endometriosis, Definition, Signs and Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.


The mission of is Public Health and Medical Education. Here we discuss various health-related issues. All the health information are based on various authentic books written by authentic authors who have international approval and are written in easy to understand language. Various Textbooks are used as a reference for preparing quality Articles. Some of these are; 1. Guyton and Hall Textbook of human physiology 2. Grey's Anatomy 3. Textbook of biochemistry by Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed 4. Lippencott's Pharmacology 5. Pathologic Basis of Diseases by Robbins and Cotran 6. Preventive and social medicine by K. Park 7. Public Health and Community Medicine by Iliyas Shah Ansari 8. Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine 9. Oxford Textbook Of Medicine 10. Gynecology and Obstetrics by Ten Teachers. 11. Ophthalmology by Jaypee. The site content is original, written and reviewed by website editorial board . if in any case an external source is used its

How To Prevent/Stop Hair Falling - Easy Tips - Both for Males and Females

As you grow some physical and hormonal changes occur in your body. Males are more vulnerable to suffer from hair loss because the male hormone testosterone promotes baldness (loss of scalp hair). These are some useful tips to prevent and stop hair fall. Females are less likely to suffer from hair loss than males Don't Pull your hair. Hair pulling can damage your follicles permanently and the follicle may not grow again once damaged. Don't Rub your hair with a towel to dry the moisture. simple pat the moist hair with a towel to remove extra moisture. Rubbing may damage your hair follicle ( because rubbing will pull hair) Avoid Wig use unless a doctor prescribes. Because the use of wig will prevent hair follicles to get oxygen. it will also compress the blood vessels rendering hair follicles short of oxygen. Use the right Shampoo. Use a cheaper shampoo that promises to wash your hair. Don't use heavy formula shampoos, they are expensive and are not good to hair

Clean Your Skin Daily, Face skin Cleaning Tips.

Long QT Syndrome - Causes - Mechanism - Symptoms - Treatment.

Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a heart rhythm disorder that can potentially cause fast, chaotic heartbeats. These rapid heartbeats may trigger a sudden fainting spell or seizure. In some cases, your heart may beat erratically for so long that it can cause sudden death Before Studying QT syndrome, one should have a brief idea of Electrocardiogram (ECG). ECG has 5 waves P, Q, R, S and T. Q, R and S waves are treated as a single unit and is called QRS complex. P wave is formed by contraction of atria.  The QRS complex is formed during the depolarization and contraction of ventricles. T Wave is formed by the repolarization phase of ventricular action potential conduction. In the above figure, you can clearly see P-R interva l, S-T interval , QRS interval and Q-T interval . QT interval is the time taken by the ventricle to complete one cycle of the action potential (conduction). In Long QT Syndrome the patient has abnormally longer Q-T interval. That is the co

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Definition - Causes - Symptoms - Treatment

Definition and Symptoms                Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a mental abnormality which is characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, anxiety, apprehension, fear and worry (obsessions). Theses Obsessions force the patient to do some aggressive, abnormal or strange, repetitive acts. The patient is unable to restrain himself from these acts (compulsions). The most common compulsive acts include;

Home Remedy for pregnancy Stretch Marks

Understand Depression - signs and symptoms - causes - Treatment

Depression is the most common mental illness, every fourth adult suffers from this disease . In depression, the patient looks sad, quiet, lonely and non-confident. Depression can be caused by environmental factors or evidence is present which reflects biochemical changes in the brain which are responsible for depression. Signs And Symptoms.

Premature Ejaculation - Causes - Symptoms - Treatment - Complications

Lower Left Abdominal Pain in Males and Lower right Abdominal Pain in Males.

Lower Right Abdominal pain is normally easy to interpret as an appendix is present in the lower right Abdomen. But lower left abdominal pain is difficult to interpret as there can be various causes . Other related Questions should be asked from the patient to confirm the diagnosis. following are some causes of lower left abdominal pain. 1. Kidney Stones.

Expiry Date Make May cause Skin infections and may harm the skin.

Treat Your Constipation / List of high Fiber Containing Food.

If you haven't moved your bowel for 3 to 4 days and have feelings like bloating and abdominal distension, you may have constipation. To treat constipation you have to change some of your daily habits. 1. Eat plenty of liquids, 8-12 glasses of water are recommended. lack of hydration of intestinal content may render them hard and difficult to move. 2. add fibrous food in your diet. here is the list of foods with high fibre content  3. Drink Coffee, caffeine may help to stimulate your bowel. 4. Increase your activity. do regular exercise. exercise stimulates your bowel movement. During exercise, the body uses available nutrients and lack of nutrients supply stimulates bowel movements. 5. Check the medicine you are taking, calcium and iron supplements can cause constipation. moreover strong analgesics (morphine analogues) can cause constipation. 6. Keep in mind that constipation can be caused by a bowel disease such as irritable bowel syndrome, colo

Safest Ways Of losing Weight - Weight Loss Diet - Diet for losing weight quickly

Ask Medical Questions

Get Rid of Water Retention/ Lose Weight of Extra Water

Fluid retention increases your body weight and gives you a puffy and heavy feeling. it may be pathological, physiological or related to drug intake. the bloated body doesn't look good, and nobody wants a bloated appearance. For the average person, water comprises about 70 per cent of our total body weight. Diets linked to fluid retention. Retaining excess fluids can leave you feeling bloated and puffy. it increases your weight and waist. dietary ingredients that contribute to the retention of fluids include:  Salt  Sugar  Inadequate protein Insufficient amino acids or B-vitamins Oedema: Abnormal retention of fluid is called Edema. if your body tends to retain fluids. visit your doctor to find out the cause. and treatment of cause will eradicate the Edema and it is most efficacious rather treating Edema with diuretics. for example, if the oedema is secondary to glomerulonephritis. treatment of Glomerulonephritis will be more useful. Although oed

Walnuts (Akhroat) help prevent heart diseases

A new clinical study shows that substituting walnuts for monounsaturated fat in a Mediterranean diet improves

Regular Exercise May help to Fight Flue.

Regular exercise may help reduce the problem of the flu by boosting the immune system's response

Youngest Mother - Youngest Mother 10 year Old In Spain

Spain's press reacted with alarm Wednesday to the news that a Ten-year-old girl had given birth.

Vitamin B 12 Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease (Loss of Memory in Old Age)

Vitamin B12 may help protect against Alzheimer's disease, according to a study held by Scientist at Newyork. The public doesn't need to know how they studied and how they get the conclusion. The important thing is the conclusion of the study "Vitamin B12 helps to prevent Alzheimer's Disease in the latter stages of life. Sources of Vitamin B12: source of Vitamin B12 are meat, dairy products eggs Fermented soy products, seaweeds and algae Spirulina, algae available as a dietary supplement in tablet form, and nori, a seaweed, have both appeared to contain significant amounts of B12 after analysis.

Beetroot Juice Is Linked To Brain and Heart Health.

Studies suggest that in addition to heart health beetroot juice increases blood flow to the brain and therefore joins the fight against dementia. Biology and Chemistry, scientists at Wake Forest University in the US decided to explore the potential impact that beetroot juice could have on brain health. studies suggested that beetroot juice 1. tends to decrease blood pressure. 2. Increases Brain blood perfusion.                    Improved brain blood perfusion is known to delay ageing, improves cognitive health (thinking ability) and poorer blood flow in the elderly is related to dementia (loss of memory). Therefore drinking beetroot juice eradicates the risk of dementia in old age to a great extent. Beetroot juice has high nitrate content. Nitrates cause vasodilation (relax the walls of blood vessels and increase their lumen) . It means they tend to decrease blood pressure and tend to increase blood flow. e.g glyceryl trinitrate is a well-known medicine used in angina

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge (whitish or Yellowish) leuccorhoea (leukorrhea)

leucorrhoea is a medical term which means thick whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. Causes: following are the more common causes of leucorrhoea.  1. Estrogen imbalance: for example women having androgenic syndromes, ovarian diseases, and in athletes. 2. Infection: e.g by Trichomonas Vaginalis. eradication of the causative organism is necessary for this condition by proper antibiotic therapy 3. STDs: sexually transmitted diseases may cause vaginal discharge in which it becomes more yellow and foul smelling. 4. Secondary to inflammation: for example inflammation of cervix or vagina, inflammation may be due to bacterial infection. 5. Physiological leucorrhea: natural defense mechanism of the vagina may be responsible for leucorrhoea, vagina maintains it chemical balance under estrogen stimulation. it can cause mild leucorrhoea which has protective fiction against bacteria Treatment: you may suffer from any of the above conditions. you have to treat the cause t

Causes Of Irregular, More frequent Menses (metorahagia)

If you have irregular menses, it is important to know the factors that may induce irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

Treatments of Ovarian Cysts

You Got a Problem? just sleep, problem will be solved, scientists said.

Sleeping on a problem may really be the best way to solve it, researchers have discovered. Distracting yourself for a few minutes with something else or, even better putting off the issue until the next day, helps the brain come up with the ideal solution, the study found. According to experiments, people who consciously struggle with a difficult question are more likely to get the wrong answer, compared to those who put it on the mental backburner. In the tests, students were asked to choose the best models from four imaginary makes of car. Each one had 12 different features but two had better road holding and fuel economy. After reading about each car, one group of students was asked to make an instant choice. Another group carried out a second test which was designed to occupy their minds for five minutes before making their decision. Volunteers in that group, dubbed the "unconscious thinkers", were more likely to select the best car, the results showed. Dutc

Diabetes Mellitus - sugar- understand basic pathology in simple words