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Intended Audience of is General Public, Doctors, Physicians and Medical Students and all those individuals who are concerned about their health status: we provide health data to assist the general public from all over the world to understand their problem and teach them that they should act according to the advice of their physician to protect and improve their health status. Common don't understand the nature of his disease or it is not properly explained to him by the doctor. Many diseases need lifestyle changes. So it is necessary that a patient should know what can and what can't affect his disease negatively. So he can understand the mechanism of his disease and become able to take better steps by himself in order to improve his health status. 

Adrenal Gland - Its Layers and Hormones - Hormones secreted by different layers of Adrenal Gland.

Adrenal Glands are two in number and each one is located on the anterosuperior aspect of each kidney. The adrenal gland is an important gland of the body which secretes many important hormones which control various important functions of the human body. When we cut adrenal gland cross-sectionally we see two distinct regions. The outer one is called Cortex and the inner zone is called medulla. Each zone consists of different cells which secrete different hormones. The Cortex is further divided into three layers.

Treatment Of isolated Diastolic Hypertension

Mantoux Test-(Tuberculin Test)-Procedure and Results of Mantoux Test

What is Mantoux or tuberculin Test. It is a hypersensitivity test for early diagnosis in the non immunized patient of tuberculosis. Details: In previously infected person, Sensitized T cells to Mycobacteria antigens are present. when purified protein derivatives are introduced intradermally, a hypersensitivity reaction takes place which confirms the previous infection. Procedure . 0.1 ml of PPD (purified protein derivative) is injected intradermally, and induration, erythema and edema develops in 24 - 48 hours, in infected patients. Findings : If induration is 15 mm or more in non risked individual it is considered positive. If induration is 10 mm it is considered positive only in high risked individuals for example mall nourished, weak and in endemic area. Induration of 5 mm is considered positive in individuals of AIDS and in immunocompromised persons. False Positive Test: Vaccination with BCG. False Negative Test. means Mantoux test is negative in the presence

Amenorrhoea (Amenorrhea),Symptoms-Causes-Types-Treatment-and-Complications

What Is Amenorrhea:                Amenorrhea is a term used in medicine which means the absence of menstrual vaginal bleeding. Types Of Amenorrhea :               Amenorrhea is classified as Primary Amenorrhea and Secondary Amenorrhea. Primary Amenorrhea:               Primary Amenorrhea means menstruation has never been started in a woman even after the age 16. Causes Of Primary Amenorrhea: The common cause behind primary amenorrhea is genetic, that is during the development of the baby in the uterus its reproductive organs fail to develop. for example in Turner's syndrome, female baby lacks an X chromosome and her ovary is replaced by scar tissue which produces very little estrogen. Moreover, Diseases of hypothalamus and pituitary cause primary amenorrhea. Because these two glands control the function of ovary and uterus. They regulate the hormone production by the ovary. If one of these glands becomes abnormal, it will affect the function of the female reprod

Why Smokers Are Weak and Thin - Scientists Find out the Cause of low weight among smokers -

Smokers have usually less weight than non-smokers. Those persons who smoke heavily are thinner and weaker. They tire easily. They have less stamina and they are prone to many dangerous diseases like coronary heart disease and lung cancer. It is known that nicotine is a component of cigarette and nicotine act as an appetite suppressant that is those people who smoke regularly eat less.

Why Smokers Gain Weight After Quiting / Stopping Smoking? Find Out - Scientist Discovered The Cause

It is generally believed that smokers gain weight when they quit smoking. Many Smokers don't quit because they think they will gain weight by doing so. Women are especially conscious about their weight. Many women start smoking because they think that smoking will help them to reduce weight. Many film stars especially Indian actresses don't want to stop smoking because they believe that smoking will increase their weight. yes it is true that people

Drugs Used to Treat Angina and Their Classification

Angina is the severe sensation of pain over the chest, radiating to inner arm, shoulder and sometimes to the jaw.  It occurs due to a disturbance in the balance between and oxygen supply and demand. Oxygen lack may occur due to lack of blood supply, severe anaemia or some respiratory disease. Exercise Increases the demand and hence can provoke an anginal attack in susceptible individuals. Now the goal of treatment is to restore the balance between oxygen supply and demand. this is done by either Increasing the blood supply or Decreasing the oxygen demand Drugs that increase the blood supply:- These drugs dilate the coronary arteries and hence increase the blood supply to the heart muscles which in turn, increases the oxygen supply.  These drugs include;                               Tri-nitroglycerine or glyceryl trinitrate                               Isosorbide mononitrate                               Isosorbide dinitrate                               Amyl nitrate