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Anaerobics (Bodybuilding) Vs Aerobics (Jogging, Walking) For Weight Loss

Every man and woman want the perfect shape of his and her body respectively. We don't want to look fat and odd. It is very easy to gain weight for some people. Some people are genetically predisposed to gaining weight and they gain weight more easily as compared to others. But once you have gained extra weight, it is not easy to lose those extra pounds. First of all, you would like to know whether you are overweight or not. Your optimum weight is determined by calculating BMI. If your BMI is more than 18 and less than 25 then you are ok. Any value of more than 25 tells you that you need to lose weight.  To know about BMI Read Calculate and Interpret Your BMI So if you find out that you have more weight than normal. Then everybody advises you to start exercising. Now there are two types of exercises. 1. Aerobics, such as walking, swimming, jogging etc. 2. Anaerobics: Such as weight lifting and resistance training. Aerobic and Anaerobic have their own benefits, But in this artic

Fast Heart Rate After Standing Up From a Sitting or Lying Position

Our heart has this ability to regulate its rate depending on the blood volume and pressure. Our heart has to maintain adequate brain perfusion. Due to any reason, if brain blood flow decreases, the heart increases its rate and force of contraction in order to counter-increase the blood flow to the brain. Some people complain of an increase in heart rate when they stand up from a sitting or lying position.  The reason for this problem is that when you stand up from a lying or sitting position your blood pools in the veins of legs. The venous blood return to the heart decreases, which in turn decreases the cardiac output, blood pressure and brain blood flow. So in order to compensate for that, the heart increases its rate and force of contraction and thus try to maintain the adequate brain blood flow. The affected person feels the sensation of palpitations, dizziness, headache, nausea or even he may faint. The increased heart rate or tachycardia continues until the venous return

How Does Testicular Size and Testosterone Affect Manhood?

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the manhood. High testosterone level in a man is responsible for high muscularity, deep voice, increased body hair but decreased scalp here, increased sperm production and fertility and increased aggressiveness. 1. Testosterone deepens the voice Testosterone level in a male child starts to rise on the onset of puberty. As you know that before puberty the voice of both male and female children is high pitched and similar to each other. But after puberty under the influence of testosterone the voice of the male child starts to deepen and become low pitched.  2. Testosterone reaches its peak value in the age of 20 years As we have already stated that the testosterone level begin to rise in the blood of male child at the time of onset of puberty. The onset of puberty occurs in a male child around 12-14 years of age. Testosterone level reaches its peak at the age of 20 and then remain at a plateau level fo three to four years an

Pakistan Thalassemia Center F9 Park Islamabad, A Hope For Thalassemic Children

Pakistan Thalassemia Center Islamabad is the first dedicated thalassemia center of Pakistan. The tertiary care hospitals of Pakistan do have small thalassemia units inside the hospital where blood is transfused to the affected children. But Pakistan Thalassemia Center Islamabad which is located inside the beautiful F-9 Park of Islamabad is the first of its kind which is built only for the thalassemic children. Pakistan Thalassemia center is equipped with latest laboratory and patient care facilities. In the Pakistan Thalassemia Center, the affected children are transfused with blood free of cost and they are also provided with necessary medications. Aerial View of Pakistan Thalassemia Center F9 Park Islamabad Pakistan Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh who is the Managing Director of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal came up with the vision of developing a dedicated Thalassemia Center in Pakistan in the Mid of 2014. "When i announced that i was going to start a thalassemia center. Every

What does high ALT or SGPT in Liver Function Tests Mean?

ALT is an abbreviation of Alanine Transaminase, It is also called SGPT, (serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase). ALT is basically an enzyme which is found in liver and involved in various metabolic reactions. Its normal blood value is up to 45 international unit. High ALT level in the blood indicates that there is something wrong going on in the liver. Something is damaging the liver cells which result in the release of ALT in the bloodstream. This Liver Injury can be acute or chronic. Read Also: Difference between drug induced and pathological Liver injury . High level of ALT represents structural damage in the liver. Liver parenchymal cells which form the architecture of the liver contain ALT and their damage result in the release of enzymes, including the ALT. The damage may result from various causes. Some of the common causes are listed below. 1. Viral infections: Hepatitis A, B, C and E viruses all attack the liver parenchymal cells and damage them. This result in release of

PPHI KPK Mansehra Corruption exposed but went unnoticed.

If you are looking for PPHI KPK Jobs and you are a doctor then it is highly not recommended to do a job in such a corrupt mafia which will destroy your personality as a doctor. This PPHI Department of KPK has already put many doctors into depression and so this article is being written in support of them and to expose the corruption and frauds of this department that they do with the doctors and use newly graduated doctors in making illegal money for themselves. They harass newly graduated young doctors who can easily be trapped by them and they become victims of their cruel behaviour. PPHI officials especially DSMs and his clerical staff don't facilitate the doctors at all and if a doctor asks for facilitation they propose him to resign and if a doctor resigns they deduct his pay of whole month and plus the security and they give a reason that you had to inform us a month ago. Here we will Share the mysterious strategy of DSM PPHI Mansehra Gul Mehnaz that she uses to harass the do

Scalp Hair Dandruff Causes and Treatment

Scalp hair dandruff is also one of the commonest hair problems which is face by both men and women worldwide. Lot of the people think that dryness causes dandruff, but it’s not absolutely true. Many people who have oily scalp also complain of dandruff. Most of the people do not know the actual cause of scalp dandruff. The Scalp dandruff is actually caused by a tiny fungus. Moreover, the dandruff is basically the flakes of dead skin. The dead skin over the normal skin causes itching and discomfort. Itching breaks and dislodges the dead skin from the scalp in the form of minute whitish particles and these particles appear as dandruff.   Lack of scalp hygiene is the foremost cause of scalp dandruff. In the management of dermatological or skin diseases, hygiene always comes first. In order to get rid of scalp dandruff wash you hair every other day with a good quality anti-dandruff shampoo. Choose a good quality anti-dandruff shampoo. Now a question arises, how to choose a good quality ant

Acne on Face Causes and Treatment

Acne on the face is a very common problem which is faced by each and every man and woman at least once in their life. Some have mild acne others have a more severe form of them. The colour and severity of acne also vary. Some acne form a scar and others do not. Read Also Dark Acnes on back Papules are the raised acne, which can be brownish, dark, or pinkish in colour. It is basically a collection of sebum (the oily secretion) under your skin. The treatment of such type of acne is to maintain a good proper hygiene. Wash your face as often as you can, probably 6-8 times a day. Use non medicated simple moisturizing soap. Medicated and germicidal soaps may actually aggravate the sebaceous acne. Because they tend to make the skin dry and dry skin stimulates more oil production in susceptible individuals. Some topical creams that contain benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A derivatives and sulfur may also help to reduce the problem of facial acne and can be used if maintain proper hygiene doesn’t

Dark Acnes on Back Treatment

Dark brownish, pinkish or yellowish on back basically represent more severe form acne. Among those people who have the problem of acne, 60% of them also have acne on the back. So it is a common problem. Acne on the back may be painful or non-painful. Our back also has sebaceous glands and hair. And all those areas of the body which are covered with hair also have sebaceous glands. All those areas of the body which contain sebaceous gland may get acne. Whenever the pore of a sebaceous gland blocks, or over secretion of the sebum from the sebaceous gland results in the formation of acne. Acne may get infected and this turns them into yellowish pustules. These may be painful. Treatment of Back Acne or Bacnes Acne on the back is sometimes also referred to as bacnes. The approach to the treatment is simple; 1. Avoid some medications. 2. Maintain proper hygiene. 3. Seek professional help and use specific medication to treat acnes. 4. Long term use of antibiotics. Those people who use

Itchy feet in summer and hot humid weather – Athlete’s Foot - Treatment

Itchy feet in summer especially when you wear shoes in hot weather is a common problem and is being faced by many. Both males and females can be affected by the problem of itchy feet. Itching the feet gives a sense of pleasure and comfort and the sufferer tends to itch more hard and deep this results in wounds and scratches and sometimes bleeding may also occur due to aggressive itching. The cause of this itchiness of feet in summer is sweating of feet and  sweaty, wet and warm feet are favorite place of fungi. Fungi infect the feet and cause the problem of itchiness and discomfort of feet. Moreover, walking barefooted on ground where another person who had athlete's feet also walked bare footed may also cause fungal infection. Similarly swimming with infected person or using clothes or socks of infected person may also cause fungal infection of feet. Wearing closed shoes doesn’t allow the sweat to dry and also increases the temperature of the feet. This favors the growth of fungi.

Brilinta (Ticagrelor) Indications, Side effects and warnings.

Brilinta contains Ticagrelor as an active ingredient. It is an antiplatelet drug and works by inhibiting the platelet activation. Inhibition of platelet activation decreases the risk of blood clot formation and thus, cardiovascular problems. Indications of Brilinta (Ticagrelor) Ticagrelor is indicated in ACS (Acute coronary syndrome) that is unstable angina, ST elevation or non ST-elevation myocardial infarction . It has been compared with clopidogrel and it has been observed that Brilinta (Ticagrelor) is more effective in preventing cardiovascular deaths and ischemic stroke . It also prevents stent thrombosis in post-angioplasty patients. Warning and Side effects of Brilinta. Brilinta (Ticagrelor) Shouldn’t be used if a patient has Recently undergone major surgery or had serious trauma or accident. History of intracranial bleed Active bleed (e.g. active peptic ulcer bleed) Severe hepatic impairment Allergy or hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Warnings and Side effe

Causes and Treatment of Rash in Groin Area

Rash and itching around groin area is a not an uncommon condition. Many individuals both males and females may suffer from this condition. It is also called jock itch (tinea cruris) in case of males. Jock itch or rash in or around groin area and genitals is a very embarrassing condition, and the patient feels reluctant to go and remain in the public places. The causes of rash around groin area in males is females is usually a fungal infection, called tinea cruris (jock itch). Fugus loves to grow in moist areas and groin and groin folds are the perfect place for it. Poor hygiene promotes its growth but poor hygiene is not the only cause of it. The other causes include; Scabies . Scabies rash is more common in case of males although females can also have this. Measles : Measles rash is not confined to groin only. It also involves other parts of the body and can be distinguished easily. Chicken pox : Chicken pox is another condition which causes rash but again, in this cas

Constant Burning Sensation in Abdomen in Pregnancy

The woman, who becomes pregnant for the first time experiences a completely new change in her life. Her body is also new to this challenging situation. Her abdominal cavity which was normally filled with intestines now starts to be occupied with an evolving uterus. The evolving uterus exerts a pressure on abdominal organs and intestine, this causes reflex of food from the stomach to oesophagus and cause heartburn or burning sensation in abdomen. Hormonal and lifestyle changes in pregnancy cause gastric upsets, for example, hyperacidity, nausea, vomiting and heartburn. In order to treat pregnancy-related heartburn or constant burning sensation in abdomen certain things can be done. First of all, avoid fatty, and spicy food. Spicy food tends to damage the protective mucosal covering of the stomach. So the acid burns the inner cavity of the stomach which causes the feeling of burning sensation inside the abdomen. Because the baby is also present in the abdomen, it exerts a positive

Download Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19th Edition pdf Free

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is the most renowned and authentic book of medicine available in the market. Here we will provide you a working link of downloading its pdf format. In order to download Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19th Edition in pdf format, you need to download utorrent software. If you already have this popular software then you may skip this step. If you don’t have it then download it from its official website (search on Google ‘utorrent’). After installing this torrent follow the following steps. Click here to download Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19th Edition pdf Format torrent file. (external link) A torrent file will be downloaded. Open it with utorrent software and select the location where you want to save it and click on “OK” or “Start”. Seed it after downloading so that others can also get the benefit of this. If you have any problem then you may contact us easily by clicking on the contact button. Don’t forge

Treatment of Brownish or Dark pigmentation on cheeks/face-Melasma

Brownish or dark pigmentation over cheeks is a common problem that is faced by most of the ladies of South-Asian origin. This condition is medically known as Melasma. The other common sites of brownish patches on the face are above lips, forehead, between the eyebrows and other sun-exposed areas. But the face is the most sensitive. In pregnancy, the hormonal changes aggravate the pigmentation. Moreover, those women who are frequently exposed to the sun are under greater risk of developing the dark-brownish pigmentation over the cheeks and forehead. Other women who are suffering from some autoimmune disease such as SLE also present with a dark butterfly rash over their cheeks and nose. The treatment of this dark pigmentation on cheeks or any other area of the face is simple and effective. First of all, avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight. Or if you can’t avoid this exposure, use at-least SPF 30 sunscreen for every two hours of sun exposure. Use sunscreen daily. How to appl

Neural Crest Cells Derivatives – Human Embryology

Neural crest cells are present in the early embryonic period. The neural crest cells are the primitive cells and they, later on, develop into more specialized structures. Following are the derivatives of neural crest cells. 1. Connective tissue and bones of the face and skull 2. Cranial nerve ganglia 3. Cells of the thyroid gland 4. Conotruncal septum in the heart 5. Odontoblasts 6. Dermis in the face and neck 7. Spinal ganglia ( also known as dorsal root ganglia) 8. Sympathetic chain and preaortic ganglia 9. Parasympathetic ganglia of the gastrointestinal tract 10. Adrenal medulla 11. Schwann cells 12. Glial cells 13. Meninges of the forebrain 14. Melanocytes 15. Smooth muscle cells to the blood vessels of the face and forebrain. If you are practising for a medical examination, for example, USMLE, or PLAB, then you should memorize these because you will get an MCQ about this.

Developmental Horizons During Fetal Life Event

In this brief post, we will discuss some development horizons during fetal life events. These developmental horizons help us to determine how optimum the intra-uterine growth and development of the fetus is in relation to its age. Length of the fetus and uterine fundus height determine the adequacy of the physical growth of the baby, but there are few other parameters which help us to have an idea of neuronal growth and development of the baby. These parameters include; an appearance of taste buds, initiation of swallowing and respiratory movements, Sucking movements, Response to the sound, Sensitivity of eyes to light. So the physical growth of the baby should lie in parallel to the neuronal growth of the fetus. For example, the fetus starts swallowing movements as early as 10 weeks of age. So if fetal length corresponds to the age of 10 weeks then swallowing movements should also be present at that time. Similarly, other parameters are listed below; The appearance of tas