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I missed 2 pills of Gianvi, a birth control, Can i be pregnant?

Q: I am on Gianvi, a birth control pill. I had a period starting on Aug. 7th as scheduled, lasted 3 to 4 days. I missed a couple pills the 17th and 18th and then started another period the 19th. I had unprotected sex on the 21st and was wondering what my chances are of becoming pregnant? I have also been on this method of birth control for about 3 years if that makes a difference. A: Thank you for asking question. Gianvi is a birth control pill that contain two hormones, a progesterone and estrogen. The high level of progesterone and estrogen prevent pregnancy by inhibiting the release of egg from the ovary, blocking the cervical opening by a thick mucus plug so that sperms can't enter the uterus and by making the uterine wall un-favorable for the attachment of embryo. Hence This drug helps in preventing the pregnancy at three separate sites. Now your question is that you have missed two of your pills. If you miss two of your pills then take the most recent pill as soon as you

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises: How to do Aerobics and Their Harmful Effects

You must have noticed that those people who do regular aerobic exercises are lean, smart and less muscular as compared to those who do resistant heavy weight lifting workouts. Yes, this is true. Aerobics are very refreshing, and healthy exercises which promote healthy body functioning and weight loss. What are Aerobic Exercises? Aerobic exercises are those exercises which can be continued for a longer period of time as compared to anaerobic exercises. Because aerobic exercises are less intense. Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Jogging and dancing are all aerobic exercises. These exercises can be carried out for a longer duration. During aerobic exercises, oxygen is being used in the process of energy production and this oxygen promotes oxidation of fats and utilizes them to produce the energy required for aerobics. How to do Aerobic Exercises? How to do aerobic exercise? In aerobic exercises what matter the most is the duration of the exercise. So the speed of exercise should be

Why does bump form on scalp after injury or blow. Is it dangerous?

When someone gets an injury on the forehead or scalp, a bump is formed, if the skin remains intact. The reason for this bump formation or swelling is explained below.  The skin of the forehead and scalp is adherent to the underlying bone and there is no space present between them. When a person receives a blow on the forehead or scalp, either by an object or falling on a hard surface, it causes rupturing of the blood vessels inside the skin. If the skin remains intact then the blood that oozes from the ruptured vessels has no place to go. It is collected under the skin and it creates a bulge, this bulge is called hematoma. It is not serious if it is formed outside the scalp and it resolves spontaneously within 2-5 days. Is this bump on the scalp or forehead dangerous? As it has been already stated that if hematoma or bulge is formed outside the cranium then there is no problem but If such hematoma or bulge produces on the inner side of the scalp bone then it may compress the brain t

Can Crohn’s Disease cause missed and irregular menstrual periods?

Many women with Crohn’s disease complain of missed and irregular periods. They want to know whether it is the Crohn’s disease that is responsible for irregular menstrual periods or there’s something else happening with them. The answer to this question is described below. Yes, a relationship between Crohn’s disease and irregular menstrual periods does exist. Those women who have Crohn’s disease frequently complain of irregular and missed periods. Missed periods cause them to think about whether they are pregnant. But pregnancy tests come negative. The problem becomes very severe and women complain of missed, irregular or late periods more often when Crohn’s disease is active. Many women get normal and somewhat regular periods back when remission of Crohn’s disease occurs. What causes irregular and missed periods in Crohn’s disease? Exact causes of irregular and missed periods in Crohn’s disease are not known. But it is proposed that the inflammatory process in the body disturbs the