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Anatomical Levels of Various Structures In the Human Body and Planes

From the MCQs oriented exams point of view, the anatomical levels and bony landmarks are very important. In each and every exam, whether it is USLME, PLAB, AMC or FCPS you will get two or three questions related to anatomical levels. So in this post, we present a list of important structures and their anatomical level and plane. Read it and memorize it. Moreover, if you have any suggestion then you may contact us easily by pressing the contact button on your right lower corner. Don't forward to share this post and also follow us on facebook/twitter or via email to get more updates. See also: Drug of choice in various infections Structure Level Oropharynx and Soft Palate with Open Mouth C2 Vertebra Level of Hyoid bone C3 Vertebra Level of Thyroid cartilage C4 & C5 Vertebrae Level Bifurcation of Common Carotid Artery C3 & C4 Vertebrae junction (disc) Level of Cricoid Cartilage C6 Vertebra

A List of "Drug of Choice" in Various Infections.

Drug of choice is that drug which is known to be most effective in order to cure an infection or disease. A drug of choice should be accessible, cost-effective, easily tolerable, safe, and most importantly effective against the disease-causing pathogen. Following is the list of few of drugs that are used in the common infections. Pathogen Disease Drug of Choice Actinomyces Actinomycosis Penicillin G Bacillus anthracis Anthrax Ciprofloxacin, Tetracyclines Bordetella pertussis Whooping cough Erythromycin Borrelia burgdorferi Lyme disease Tetracycline Campylobacter Acute inflammatory diarrhea Ciprofloxacin Candida Vaginal candidiasis Systemic candidiasis Miconazole Fluconazole Chlamydia trachomatis Pelvic inflammatory disease Doxycycline Chlamydia pneumonia Pneumonia Tetracycline H. influenza Pneumonia, Meningitis 3 rd Gen Cephalosporin H. pylori Gastric ulce

Pain Relief In Labor: Methods of Pain Relief During Child Birth and Delivery.

Pain Relief in Labor: Birth is a difficult process but it brings immense joy and happiness to the woman which compensate for the pain to a degree of extent. Birth can be extremely painful especially in primigravida (first pregnancy). Many women have watched birth scenes in TV and movies and think that Labor is an extremely difficult and painful process. It is true but it is a natural process and nature has empowered women to pass through the process of Labor. Pain can be relieved in Labor to a considerable extent. A doctor will give you and explain several choices and it is up to mother what type of analgesia (pain relief method) she wants to use. Here, you may learn about all the pain relief methods in Labor and then you may discuss them with your doctor and choose the best according to your wishes. Let us discuss all the methods briefly. Different Methods Used to Relieve Pain in Labor: 1. Non-Pharmacological or General Method: One-to-one care in Labor from a midwife, doc

PBM Thalassemia Center Islamabad arranged Blood Donation Camp in Rawalpindi Medical College

( Author: Dr Adil Ramzan ) Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Thalassemia center is a new institute that has been established by the Managing Director of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal, Barrister Abid Ali Sheikh . PBM Thalassemia center will bear all the expenses of the affected children.   The cost of Thalassemia is very high and most of the affected children belong to poor and lower class. So many affected children die in early childhood. Searching donors for blood is not their only problem. These children also need chelating agents that help to excrete iron out of the body. Red blood cells have iron. There is no effective way in our body to excrete iron. Repetitive blood transfusions result in the accumulation of iron in their body. So the chelating agents which combine with iron and excrete it in urine or stool, are needed to decrease the iron overload. The cost of these chelating agent is very high.   Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Thalassemia center will bear all the cost of these chelating agent and will also pr