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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge (whitish or Yellowish) leuccorhoea (leukorrhea)


leucorrhoea is a medical term which means thick whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge.


following are the more common causes of leucorrhoea.

 1. Estrogen imbalance: for example women having androgenic syndromes, ovarian diseases, and in athletes.

2. Infection: e.g by Trichomonas Vaginalis. eradication of the causative organism is necessary for this condition by proper antibiotic therapy

3. STDs: sexually transmitted diseases may cause vaginal discharge in which it becomes more yellow and foul smelling.

4. Secondary to inflammation: for example inflammation of cervix or vagina, inflammation may be due to bacterial infection.

5. Physiological leucorrhea: natural defense mechanism of the vagina may be responsible for leucorrhoea, vagina maintains it chemical balance under estrogen stimulation. it can cause mild leucorrhoea which has protective fiction against bacteria

Treatment: you may suffer from any of the above conditions. you have to treat the cause to eradicate leucorrhoea completely
infections are treated with the antibiotic,
inflammation by anti-inflammatory drugs,
physiological leucorrhoea is for protection, so is not harmful.


  1. hello, i am 22 yr girl . a white fluid comes out of my vagina whenever i do intense exercise. the volume is a bit higher hen the normal volume with a mild pain in the lower abdominal region.
    this time it started since i jumped with a higher force during skeeping exercise. i have never had sex or anything like that please help me with this.

  2. and also tell, whether you feel pain during urination or defecation?
    if you don't feel bad smell, burning urination, or pain during defecation. then it is just normal. vagina is self cleaning and it is just doing its job efficiently. so don't worry okay.

  3. Thanks. your appreciation means a lot, keep visiting

  4. im in age of 27 im having white excessive sticky smelly discharge from many years but with no itching please suggest some remedy

  5. seems like, fungal infection. antifungal suppositories will help. but itis better to see a doctor.


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