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have you been watching your computer screen since last couple of hours ?

Dear friends, don't watch your computer screen continuously  for a long time. Have a break after every 30 minutes. The hazards of watching the computer screen for a long time are; Headache (Migraine) Dimness of vision Blurring of vision Fatigue Lethargic feeling Blackouts Eye pain Watering of eyes. Even decrease in cognitive ability To avoid it after every 30 minutes  choose a distant point and focus on it for some time then close your eyes and put your palm on your eyelids in  such a way that no light crosses from your finger spaces. wait for 15 to 30 seconds and then continue your work. Repeat this procedure after every 30 minutes

Pimples or Dark spots are not a Big Problem

Human skin has pores. The pores associated with hair are wider and prominent. Various protective secretions come out of the pores. Dirt or Makeup tends to block these pores. Secretions are collected there and bacteria can grow there. The white blood cells migrate to the blocked site and try to kill bacteria. Blockage causes bump formation and white blood cells activation gives a dark impression. this is called pimple or blackhead How  To Avoid Get ting Pimples. Keep your skin clean. Wash makeup when there is no need of makeup. Exfoliate your skin twice a week. Use Alcohol-free skin toners. Use good quality moisturizers.

Reduced Mother Milk, Mother Milk Production Deficiency

 the  teacher told us a story about a mother came to his clinic and said  "Doctor i have got twins, i can't feed them with my own milk alone it will not fulfil their

Benefits of Coffee

Here is great news for coffee lovers. i have been heard since my childhood that doesn't take too much coffee it is bad for health. now latest researches reveal that moderate intake of coffee is good for health. coffee protects from heart diseases. Research reveals that people who take 1-2 cups of coffee daily are at low risk of developing heart diseases and hypertension. scientists recommend coffee for hypertensive patients. Cheers

Why Cancer Reoccur After Removal by Surgery

Now we know that Cancer is caused by continuously dividing cells. sometimes a cell from the cancerous mass detaches from the actual mass and enter the bloodstream and reaches other parts of the body through blood.  This detached cell then entrapped at another site of the body and start to grow there. this cancerous growth is not at the site where the actual cancerous  cell first appeared.  So this second growth is called Metastatic Growth, a nd this process is called metastasis. sometimes this metastasis has occurred before surgery but is not visible or felt by the patient or by the doctor either.  so when the doctor has removed the initially appeared mass, there is a chance of emergence of another doubtful mass long time after previous surgery. and sometimes a part of cancerous material left unmoved and emerges afterwards.   

Understand Cancer

nowadays breast cancer is becoming common among women. the mothers who feed their babies with their own milk save themselves from getting breast cancer. contraceptive use greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. the two reason which can tell you why modern young women are easily attacked by this disease :) What is Cancer our body is made of cells. every organ is made of the cell. cells have the ability to divide. but certain growth-promoting factors and growth inhibiting factors check the dividing ability of cell. when an organ or part of the body reaches the appropriate length and width the inhibitory factors become active and block the further growth and dividing of cells. sometimes a cell escapes this prohibitory mechanism and divides without check and form an undifferentiated mass of cancerous tissue. these cells continue to divide and invade and destroy the surrounding tissue. this state is called CANCER. cancer is commonly named according to the place where the abnormal


Hypertension means an increase in blood pressure. The heart pumps blood into the blood vessels. this creates some pressure that blood exerts against the walls of the vessels. this pressure is called blood pressure. Systolic BP it is the pressure of the blood which it exerts against the walls of vessels at the time when the heart contracts. it the pressure which gives us a bumping feel when we try to feel our pulse at the wrist. the normal value of systolic blood pressure is 120 mm of Hg. this value increases with age.  Diastolic BP it the pressure of the blood against the walls of vessels when the heart relaxes or at a time when it is not pumping. it is less than systolic and its normal value is 80 mm of Hg. Why BP rises. BP rises in following conditions 1. narrowing of the vessels ( increase resistance) when vessels become narrow they will cause an increase in BP.  narrowing can be a result of increased sympathetic stimulation that is in fear, anxiety, atherosclero