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Regular Exercise May help to Fight Flue.


Regular exercise may help reduce the problem of the flu by boosting the immune system's response
to the virus,

Studies have suggested that people who exercise moderately suffer fewer and less severe colds and flu infections than couch potatoes do, while exhausting workouts may increase a person's vulnerability to
these infections.

In theory, the benefits of moderate exercise may stem from its effects on immune defences. Research has found that exercise boosts activity in various parts of the immune system that help limit a viral attack or help clear an invading virus from the body more quickly.

For now, the results offer one more strong reason to get regular moderate exercise.


  1. flu is a virus, keep healthy on food and environment

  2. yup you are right, but study suggested that exercise seems to boost the immune system of the body. and better the immune system less will be the infections

  3. Do we really exercise our body to prevent Flue? Anyway, Thanks for the great informative article.

  4. I certainly agree that constant exercise can help us improve our defenses against sickness. Thanks so much for sharing this here.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this interesting tips to get rid of frequent flue. Some pleased to read over this one.


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