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Is sexual activity safe for the patients of heart failure?

If you are a patient of heart failure and you are worried whether it is safe to resume sexual activity after heart failure then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of heart failure regarding sexual life and different ways to overcome the risks. One thing you should keep in mind that immediately after a heart attack, your heart may become comparatively weaker for some period of time. It may not be able to tolerate the increase in cardiac load. It needs time and medicines to heal and normalize its activity but once your heart gains it's normal or near normal strength then you may resume sexual activity without any fear. We will discuss this in detail in subsequent paragraphs. Effects of heart failure on sexual activity Sexual stimulation activates both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Sympathetic stimulation has a particular role in ejaculation and orgasm, while the parasympathetic system plays its role in arousal and plat

Youngest Person To Have His Gallstones and Gall bladder Removed - 2014 (by Surgeon Dr. Naeem Taj)

Dr Naeem Taj , a Pakistani Surgeon and Head of Department of Capital Hospital Islamabad has removed gall stones and gall bladder from a 4-year-old boy, the youngest person to have gall stones and gall bladder removed. This is a new world record and Guinness has been notified about this achievement. Previously, Danyelle Oteni was the youngest child who had her gall stones and gall bladder removed at the age of 5 years and 6 months. It is not the only record of Dr Naeem Taj, He also had removed the longest gall bladder from a 70-year-old lady, which measured 25.5 cm, remember that the normal length of the gall bladder is just 5 cm. He has also removed the world longest appendix and has removed gall bladder from the world's oldest lady. In one of his gall stones surgeries, he removed 5568 gall stones. Isn’t it awesome? His name had also been included in Guinness Book of World Records. “4 years old.boy with multiple gall bladder stones. Cholecystectomy was done successfully on 27.9

What is Lutembacher Syndrome, Explaination and a Case Report

Lutembacher syndrome is a rare form of a cardiovascular syndrome characterized by the presence of Mitral Stenosis and Atrial Septal Defect at the same time. In simple words, if a patient has both atrial septal defect and mitral stenosis at the same time then you can label such patient as a case of Lutembacher syndrome. Pathophysiology or Mechanism of Lutembacher syndrome Lutembacher syndrome is the name of the presence of both atrial septal defect and mitral stenosis in the same patient and at the same time. The cause these two conditions that is, atrial septal defect and mitral stenosis can be anything. It doesn’t matter what causes these two conditions, if these two conditions are present in a patient at the same time then this is a case of Lutembacher syndrome. The most common cause of mitral stenosis is valvular heart disease or rheumatic heart disease . Rheumatic heart disease may lead to mitral stenosis or MS can be congenital. On the other hand, the atrial septal defect c

Chances of Pregnancy after having unprotected sex-Pregnancy factors.

What are the chances of pregnancy after having unprotected sex? This question comes in every woman mind who has had unprotected sex. Pregnancy depends on many factors. Unprotected sex is one of the basic factors on which occurrence of a successful pregnancy depends. But the failure of condoms and the rate of pregnancy after protected sex is 2 %. It means 2 of 100 women who have had protected sex (condom protected) may result in pregnancy. It means that protected sex is not 100% preventive. On the other hand unprotected sex does not always result in pregnancy. There are various factors which are necessary  in order to get pregnant Some of the important factors are stated below: 1. Age of women: Sexual intercourse before puberty and after menopause won’t result in pregnancy. 2. Ovulation: Pregnancy won’t occur if the woman hasn’t released an egg. A Woman who has a menstrual cycle of 28 days, ovulates (release an egg) on 14th day of the menstrual cycle (the day when bleeding sta

Prostate Cancer - Causes - Symptoms - Treatment and Prevention.

Why I Snore? Causes, Health Risks and Treatment of Snoring

sleep apnea . Snoring is curable once its cause is identified: Snoring is a loud noise which is produced during deep sleep. It is a very troublesome condition for the bed partner or roommate. Few months ago i heard news on TV that a woman called the police to arrest her husband because he was snoring very loudly. This was a little bit witty but such things may happen. Snoring may predispose a more serious condition called Content: 1. Causes of snoring 2. Health risk of snoring 3. Treatment of snoring 1. Causes of Snoring: Snoring may follow the following causes: 1. Nasal obstruction: Deviated nasal septum, nasal polyp, benign or malignant tumour of nose and nasopharynx may cause nasal airway obstruction and snore. 2. Alcohol and Sleeping pills: Alcohol and sleeping pills over-relax the soft palate. The soft plate is situated at the back of the mouth and form its posterior roof. The relaxed soft palate may extend up to the pharynx and cause respiratory obstruction. It v