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Understand Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction), Causes, Mechanism, Symptoms

Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction (Myocardium = Heart Muscles/wall, Infarction = Death) is a term used to define the death of a part of the heart wall due to blockage of blood flow. When blood flow is partially blocked it results in myocardial ischemia which manifests clinically as Angina . Prolong Myocardial Ischemia may lead to Mayocardial Infarction. What is Heart Normal function? this is a human heart. Heart function is to Pump blood. and make sure that blood reaches to all parts of the body according to their needs. Blood contains oxygen, nutrients which provide energy, and blood also removes waste materials from the site of formation and take these wastes to the site of excretion (kidneys). Look at the diagram. Deoxygenated (poor blood /used blood) from all parts of the body reaches to the right atrium of the heart through superior and inferior vena cavae. Then right atrium contracts and blood reaches to right ventricle then right ventricle contracts and bl

How to prevent getting TB (Tuberculosis)

TB is a common disease in third world, poor and developing countries. In Pakistan it is common. TB is cure able disease but it is said that prevention is better than cure. First of all we must understand what is TB. TB is a bacterial disease, the bacteria which is responsible for common TB is mycobacterium Tuberculosis. symptoms include: *common cough with a progressive increase in production of mucus and *coughing up blood. * fever, * loss of appetite, * weight loss, and * night sweat The most common TB in Pakistan is pulmonary TB in which the bacteria attacks lungs and damage them. coughing with progressive mucous is important symptom other symptoms may associate. in immunodeficient persons TB bacteria may enter blood and spread to other parts of body like * lymph nodes, * genitourinary tract, * bone and joint sites, * meninges, and * the lining covering the outside of the gastrointestinal tract. and such TBs are named accordingly. Treatm

How to prevent Spreading of disease

Here i will talk especially about third world countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other developing and poor Asian and African Countries. people belong to developing countries also follow. so in order to prevent spread or getting of disease what we have to do?? to me, the best answer to this question is that we can prevent the spread of getting of disease by educating people. let me share an example with you that i have personally experienced. i was in the hospital a patient with stroke came. the patient was a 60-year female. general symptoms include unconsciousness and hemiplegia that is the right side of the patient was paralyzed and plantar reflexes were up going. the patient was taken to the hospital 5 days after the first signs of the disease appear. the relatives of the patient took her to a local dispenser who knows nothing about diseases and medical problem although the hospital was nearby. but they preferred the old dispenser over the doctors, who did n