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Expiry Date Make May cause Skin infections and may harm the skin.

Normally when people buy Makeup products they don't look at the expiry date or many product companies don't print expiry date on the pack.

An article in the Green Beauty Guide outlines the problems with expired makeup. Perhaps because of the lack of an expiration date on makeup, it is very common for women to store cosmetic products for years and years. And of course, makeup, whether or not it’s organic, is expensive. As such tossing products away unnecessarily can hit our pocketbooks pretty hard. But the dangers posed by expired makeup are far more damaging than the economic cost of keeping cosmetics products up-to-date.

According to the article, old makeup can harbour dangerous bacteria. With foundations, expired makeup can cause what is called peri-oral dermatitis, which is manifested by little red bumps that look like acne. Expired mascara can cause conjunctivitis, an eye infection that is also known as pink eye. What’s more, women should be particularly vigilant when it comes to lipsticks and lip balms, especially if there’s the possibility that it could have been used by others. In many cases, women can get cold sores through a herpes virus that can easily be absorbed by lip products.

Experts say that, if Product smells bad it must be thrown out as bacteria would have been grown.

don't wait for the product to expire. if makeup product gives bad smell few days after purchase throw it out.
you can't afford a permanent damage of skin by outdated products.
be careful and check the Expiry date before Purchase and buy those products on which Expiry date is mentioned

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