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USMLE Question: Clinical Case - 11

A forty-five years old school teacher who is a known case of rheumatoid arthritis for the last six years presents with generalized swelling of her body including face, abdomen and feet. She has been on various medications for rheumatoid arthritis in the past. However, on system review, she admits that she had been taking a new drug for the last six months for her rheumatoid arthritis prescribed by her old family physician. On examination, she looks obviously pale and puffy in the face and generalized pitting edema of her body and feet. Laboratory results are given below; Hemoglobin: 12mg% Total Leukocyte count (TLC) and Differential leukocyte count (DLC) : Normal Blood urea : 40 mg% Blood creatinine level: 1.2 mg% Urine analysis: Protein +++ , RBCs 1-2 per high power field (HPF), casts 4-5 per high power field, Liver function tests : Normal. Answer the following question. You will get your score instantly after submitting the answers. In the end, Click on “ Review Quiz ” to

USMLE Question: Clinical Case - 10

A twenty six year old woman with no prior medical history, present with a three week history of joint swelling and stiffness. She points to all her proximal inter-phalangeal joins and as well as metacarpophalangeal joints and wrists. She informs you that she had stiffness for two hours every morning since these symptoms started and symptoms improve as the day progress. She denies of back stiffness. She has fatigue and low grade fever also. On examination the wrist, inter-phalangeal joints and metacarpophalangeal joints are tender and swollen of both hands. The distal inter-phalangeal joints are not involved. There is fluid in the joints. Now answer the following questions. At the end of the quiz, you will get your score instantly and kindly “review” the quiz to find out the correct answers. Like us on Facebook and follow us via email to get future posts. If you disagree with any answer or option kindly post a comment below we will answer with a reason within in 12-24 hours. We are

USMLE Question: Clinical Case – 09

A forty five year old lady has come to the medical OPD with a complaint of increasing fatigue, somnolence, constipation and body aches, These symptoms have gradually increased over last two years. Her weight has increased, the menstrual cycle is irregular and has difficulty in hearing. She looks pale, the skin is dry and the voice is hoarse. The pulse is 59/min and regular in character. Blood pressure is 130/80 mm of Hg, Blood sugar is checked and it is 110mg%, CPK (creatinine phospho-kinase) is 1000 ( normal range 100 – 250 ), MCV is 106%. Echocardiography was also done which shows mild pericardial effusion. Now answer the following questions. (you will get your score instantly once you submit the answers) If you feel any problem or you can’t see the questions kindly comment below. We will solve the problem as soon as possible. If you are disagree with any option comment below, we will reply you with reason. Like us on facebook and follow us via email to receive updates about future

Fast Revision of Pharmacology for USMLE Exam. Revisions Notes of Pharmacology

RAPID REVIEW & ESSENTIAL REVISIONS NOTES OF PHARMACOLOGY 1ST EDITION AUTHORS: Najeeb Khan Sheeraz Siddiq Ali This book is basically designed for revision purpose of pharmacology and rapid review from the preparation of exams. This Book Features : 1. Mnemonics 2. Drug Classifications 3. Drug of Choice in different Conditions 4. Review of antimicrobial drugs 5. Name of drugs to be remembered. Contributors: Dr. Raheem-ud-Din MBBS, MD, MCPS,DCTC Dr. Siraj-ud-dian MBBS, FCPS, MRCP Dr. Thamie Gul MBBS, MD. Download book here Fast Revision of Pharmacology for USMLE Exam. Revisions Notes of Pharmacology by Najeeb Khan and Sheeraz Siddiq Ali Download The message of the authors: “ALHUMDULLIAH OUR FIRST PUBLICATION, ANOTHER LANDMARK IN OUR MISSION TO INSPIRE, EDUCATE & TRAIN MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. FINALLY LAUNCHING OUR FIRST BOOK "RAPID REVIEW OF PHARMACOLOGY" THAT INCLUDES DRUG CLASSIFI

USMLE Question: Clinical Case - 08

A forty five year old man complains of discomfort in his throat and upper chest. This discomfort sometimes comes when he takes a heavy meal. More often he experiences it when he walks up a hill to visit his parents. He has no other symptoms and is not on any regular medication. On examination he looks well. His pulse is of low volume and the pulse rate is 68/minute. BP is 110/80 mm of Hg. He is not anemic clinically and is afebrile. Examination of cardio-vascular system reveals a systolic murmur best audible at third inter-coastal space on the left sternal border and is radiating to carotids. Respiratory examination was normal, There was no crepitations, wheezing or decreased breath sounds. He had raised LDL(Low density cholesterol) cholesterol and Low HDL (High density Cholesterol) Now kindly answer the following questions. In the end, you will find out that your are pass of fail. Kindly comment bellow if you notice any problem. It will help us to make the service better. If you

Types of Female Pelvis, Shapes of Female Pelvis and Child Birth

Female Pelvis is of four types. Actually, these types are based on the shape of the female pelvis. The shape of female pelvis is very important from a gynecological point of view. The anatomical shape of the female pelvis should be suitable for the passage of the baby through it. Otherwise, the baby may get stuck inside the pelvis that may make vaginal delivery difficult. Let us discuss different types or shapes of the female pelvis on by one and in brief detail. Types of Female Pelvis (Caldwell-Moloy classification) (from left to right) 1 .Gynaecoid Pelvis. This is the most suitable female pelvic shape. This allows normal childbirth with ease. It has round pelvic inlet and shallow pelvic cavity with short ischial spines. All these features allow the rapid birth of the baby. So Gynaecoid Pelvis is the most suitable pelvic shape for childbirth. 2. Anthropoid Pelvis. Anthropoid pelvis has oval shaped inlet with large anterior-posterior diameter and comparatively smaller transverse

USMLE Question: Clinical Case - 07

Thirty-five years old lady has been chronically ill. She is brought to the casualty department with haematemesis and melaena. She looks pale and is drowsy. She has got multiple bruises over the skin and has flapping tremor the hands. Abdominal examination reveals moderate splenomegaly, decreased hepatic dullness and shifting dullness is also present. Loading... Answer the questions one by one and click continue for the next question. at end kindly enter your name and click submit. Upon submission, you will get the correct answers. Kindly like us on Facebook and subscribe us via email to remain in touch with us. Clinical Case of the Week. By Dr Adil Ramzan Now every week a new clinical case will be posted. Previously a new clinical case was posted every month. Thank you for your visit and participating. If you feel any problem while loading, answering or getting results of the above clinical case kindly feel free to comment below. We will look into the matter and solv

Missed Birth Control Pills, What to do now?

Missed birth control pills may cause bleeding and other issues. So it really important that you should know what to do if you miss any birth control pill. Let us discuss this issue in little detail. Birth control Pills are taken regularly and can be missed easily. Some women miss one pill others may miss three or more pills in a row. 1. If one or two birth control pills are missed If you miss one to two pills then take the most recent pill as soon as remember and take the other pill at a regular time. You may take both pills at the same time. Continue taking other pills regularly according to schedule. In this case, if she had any unprotected sex and she had missed only one pill then she doesn’t need any additional contraceptive method or emergency contraception. 2. If three or more birth control pills are missed. If you have missed three or more pills in a row then take the most recent pills as soon as you remember (The last pill that you have missed). Take the other pill acco

How to check your eyesight for weakness at home?

  Weak eyesight is a problem that may occur in many people. Every home has at least one family member with spectacles. There are many factors that contribute to the development of weak eyesight. These include: 1. Genetic Factors: Conditions like Keratoconus, congenital cataract, congenital corneal malformations, congenital retinal diseases, squint and congenital glaucoma may cause a visual problem. 2. Acquired Factors: Conditions like acquired cataract, acquired glaucoma, corneal ulcers, uveitis, ophthalmitis, dislocation of the lens, hypermetropia, myopia, squint and astigmatism cause visual dimness. How to check your eyesight at home. Long-sightedness (Far vision): Long-sightedness (farsightedness) means you can see far objects clearly or better than near objects. You feel difficulty in reading a newspaper. You have to hold it at distance to read better. When you feel any of such symptoms see your doctor. Treatment: Spectacles are preferred, These are worn while reading

Thick and Yellow Semen (ejaculate), Causes and Treatment.

Thick yellow and foul-smelling semen could be alarming for men. Thick and yellow semen is considered normal and benign condition but the foul smell is not good and indicates that something wrong is there. Foul smell indicates some sort of infection or bacterial growth is occurring inside the urogenital tract. Semen mixed with dead bacteria and their toxins along with inflammatory exudate is responsible for the bad odour. Causes of Yellow Colored Semen