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Non-Pharmacological or Home treatment of Yeast Infection

How do you treat yeast infection in men? Yeast infection can be eradicated. There are two aims of yeast therapy. 1.       Inhibition of growth of already present yeasts by limiting the available space and nutrients for their growth. 2.       Killing them by using fungicidal substances. Non-Pharmacological or Home treatment of Yeast Infection: i) Reduce the intake of sugar: Sugar (carbohydrates) is a favourite food of yeast and it accelerates its growth. Sugar based foods for example; Gluten-based foods, yeast foods, milk products, soy-foods, swordfish, tuna fish, shark, etc must be avoided. ii) Unsweetened Yogurt: Unsweetened Yogurt increases the number of good bacteria called lactobacillus. These bacteria inhibit the growth of yeast infection by occupying space and consuming the nutrients. Yeast is left with little space and nutrients and can’t be able to grow. iii) Drink plenty of water. Yeast makes the intestinal environment acidic which accelerate its growth. Drink plenty of water

Child Abuse,Types of Child Abuse,High Risk Child,Management of Abused Child and Hospital Care

What is Child Abuse: Any action of commission or omission by individuals, institutions or society as a whole and any condition resulting from such actions or inactions, which deprive children of their equal rights and liberties and/or interfere with their optimal development, constitute by definition abusive or neglectful acts or conditions. Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (public law 93 – 247): Defines it (Child abuse) as the physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child under the age of 18 by a person who is responsible for the child’s welfare under circumstances which indicate that child’s health and welfare is harmed or threatened thereby. Child abuse is not a disease but a family dysfunction most of the times due to disturbed relationships, failure on the part of parents, family or society. TYPES OF CHILD ABUSE: Physical abuse Sexual abuse Psychological emotional and verbal abuse Munchausen syndrome by proxy Neglect Ep

Newborn Vaccination Latest - Pakistan EPI Vaccination Schedule Latest

2019 - 2020 EPI Pakistan Vaccine Schedule.  1. At Birth:  BCG Vaccine Oral Polio Vaccine Hep B Vaccine 2. At 6 weeks  Oral polio vaccine (1) Rota virus (1) Pneumococcal vaccine (1) Pentavalent (1) 3. At 10 Weeks of Age Oral polio vaccine (2) Rota virus (2) Pneumococcal Vaccine (2) Pentavalent (2) 4. At 14 Weeks of Age Oral polio vaccine (3) Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) Pneumococcal vaccine (3) Pentavalent vaccine (3) 5. At 9 months of Age Measles vaccine (1) 6. At 14 months of Age  Measles Vaccine (2).