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First of all, eat healthily. Take vitamin E and Vitamin C rich diet, and drink plenty
of water

The other methods of treating Pregnancy stretch marks at home (home remedy)  include;

  • Rubbing hips and abdomen gently using warm olive oil reduces the risk of stretch marks. do this every night during pregnancy.
  • Cocca butter is very effective in the prevention of stretch marks. Apply it every night when you are pregnant.
  • Use lavender oil. apply it on the stomach, breasts, and hips every day during pregnancy.
  • Take a small amount of almond oil, mix a half tablespoon of chamomile oil and lavender oil each. Apply it on the stretch marks daily. it is very useful in minimizing the already present stretch marks.
  • Rub your hips and abdomen with flaxseed oil. it is very useful in the prevention as well as removal of stretch marks.
  • It is difficult to use all the method stated above. Choose one that is easily available for you. 
  • use vitamin E rich oil such as olive oil and Castor oil and take some aromatic herbs like, lemongrass, lavender, thyme, mint etc. make a paste of them (in the mixture of olive and Castor oil.) and apply that paste on your stomach during pregnancy for better effects.
  • aloe vera, Tulsi (Holy basil) Sandalwood (Chandana) Margosa (neem) are also very effecting in the treatment of stretch marks.

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