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All Causes of Constipation

Constipation means infrequent and difficult defecation due to presence of hard stool in the rectum. There are various causes of constipation. But the cause of constipation can be guessed from age of the patient. We will discuss how causes differentiate with age later. Let us discuss the general causes of constipation first. 1. Gastrointestinal causes of constipation Diet is very important. If you have been taking a diet which has poor content of fibers, for a long time  then you will get constipation sooner or later. This type of constipation is treated with the help of increasing the quantity and quality of dietary fibers. Ispaghol husk is most commonly used for this purpose. List of high fiber containing foods (click here). . The second intestinal cause of constipation is Drugs . There are various drugs that cause constipation as their side effect. Some of the drugs that cause constipation are; Opiates , eg, morphine, tramadol (commonly used painkiller in Emergencies, So you shou

Chances of Fertility With One Testicle–Effects of Having Single Testicle

Those men who have single testicle in their scrotum are mostly worried about one question; Whether they can father children with only one testicle. The other questions that come into their minds are; will having a single testicle affect their manhood and masculinity? Will having a single testicle cause them impotent? Will having a single testicle make them less masculine? Will having a single testicle make them like women? Will having a single testicle retard their growth? Will having a single testicle will make their penis smaller? Whether with single testicle can they be able to build muscles? Whether with one testicle they can have normal secondary sexual characteristics, like having a think beard, and hair on chest, axilla, pubis and legs etc, and thick, oily and harsh manly skin. These are some questions that come into the mind of almost every person who has a single testicle in his scrotum. The main question that comes into their mind is, will one testicle make them infertile? B

Termination of early Pregnancy and abortion with medicines

Note: This article is written for healthcare providers, please do not follow the treatment given in this article without the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider, as it may be associated with serious health-related adverse effects, may result in temporary or permanent disability.  Termination of an unwanted early pregnancy or abortion with the help of medicines is possible. Termination of early pregnancy or abortion with the help of medicine is found to be successful in most of the cases of unwanted pregnancies. But induced medical abortion is not considered ethical rather it is considered as sinful act according to various religious beliefs and literature. It is strongly recommended that do not use these abortion methods without the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. There are various methods of termination of early pregnancy and abortion with the help of medicine. We will talk about three methods here. Medicines Used for termination of early pregnancy and

Recurrent Tuberculosis: TB came back after taking the treatment medicines

Tuberculosis is endemic in developing countries. Its treatment is different in developing countries like Pakistan and India then the western countries. The duration of treatment of tuberculosis is long. It is 8-9 months in developing countries and 6 months in western and other developed countries. In developing countries the recurrence of tuberculosis after taking the anti-tuberculous drugs for 8 months is also not uncommon. The major reasons behind the recurrence of Tuberculosis are; Incompliance of patients, patients don’t take the medicine regularly. The Medicine of tuberculosis should be taken regularly for 8-9 months without interruption. Those patients who are not properly educated by their doctors about the treatment of tuberculosis, are not careful about taking their medications regularly. Some patients stop taking medicine after two or three months when they start feeling better. Some patient don’t afford the cost and stop taking medicine after one or two months. other pati

Itching, Joint pain, Vision problems after Tuberculosis Treatment

Tuberculosis is a common disease in developing countries. Especially in those areas where sanitary conditions are not satisfactory and are overcrowded. The bacteria that are responsible for Tuberculosis lives inside the cells and is slow growing. It needs longer treatment duration. The duration of treatment is six months in developed countries and 9 months in developing countries including those where the incidence of resistance is high. This duration of treatment is for primary tuberculosis not for recurrent cases. For recurrent cases of tuberculosis or if Tuberculosis appears again after getting treatment then read the following article more details: Recurrent TB:- Got TB again after Treatment Now the drugs are taken for such a long duration of time. So there are high chances of getting side effects. Some of the side effects are normal and don’t need attention but other needs immediate consult of doctor. These include: If you develop sudden and severe vomiting, nausea, yellow

Should Myrin-P Forte be taken before or after taking meal?

Myrin P Forte is used to treat tuberculosis . Patients of tuberculosis always try to know whether they should take the TB medicine before or after taking a meal. The answer to this question is that the patient should take the medicine 1 hour before taking breakfast. It is better to take the drug before breakfast because most of the people have fixed time of having breakfast and this drug is well-absorbed when taken empty stomach. Moreover, after taking the drug, if a person vomits then it is easy to recognize the unabsorbed drug in the vomitus if the stomach was empty. So Myrin-P Forte should be taken one hour before breakfast. Another the most important reason of taking Myrin P Forte before the meal is because, absorption of the two of the important ingredients (i.e, Isoniazid and Rifampicin) of Myrin P forte is decreased when taken with food. So the amount of the drug absorbed in blood decreases and this affects the treatment negatively. Some doctors restart the treatment of tubercu

Vitamin B2, Functions, Sources, Deficiency and Diseases

Vitamin B2 is another vitamin that is important for normal growth and development. It is also called Riboflavin. Functions of Vitamin B2 in Human Body Vitamin B2 work as co-factor for many enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts that speed up the chemical reactions taking place in the human body at the cellular level. Without the co-factor, an enzyme can’t do its function. So without Vitamin B2 enzymes can’t work efficiently. Vitamin B2 plays an important role in cellular respiration and energy production, growth, the formation of blood cells and production of antibodies. Sources of Vitamin B2 Vitamin B2 is a yellow-orange coloured material. It is used in artificial and canned food as a colouring agent. It is also used to fortify other food products especially canned milk. The most important natural sources of vitamin B2 include; eggs, meat, wheat, green vegetables, fish, legumes, whole grains and yoghurt. Daily Requirement of Vitamin B2. For adults: 1.2-1.3mg per day For pregnant wo