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Pain After Breast Cancer Therapy/Treatment, Causes and Treatment - Post Breast Therapy Pain Syndrome -

Post Breast Cancer Therapy Pain Syndrome (PBTPS):-                                                                      It is defined as typical pain and associated symptoms (oedema, numbness, dysesthesia etc) located in the chest wall, arms, axilla, shoulder and persists beyond the period of three months. It affects 10 to 30 % of women who have undergone breast surgery. ( Breast Cancer ) Causes:-                Following are the causes of PBTPS 1. Injury to the nerves during surgery 2. Radiation and Chemotherapy further aggravate the injury It is believed that PBTPS results from injury to nerves during surgery and  Radiation and chemotherapy further aggravate the injury. Because of multi-variant causes, PBTPS encompasses many symptoms which can range from mild to severe. Chest and upper arm pain, numbness, oedema, continuous aching and pain associated with hypersensitivity to pain. The symptoms continue beyond 3 months with same or with increased severity. The common caus

How to Use Aloe Vera - How to use Aloe vera Instructions -

Aloe vera is a green plant. it is one of the most famous plants. It is being used in cosmetics and medicines. Aloe vera can, however, be used in its crude form. It is very easy to take care of the Aloe vera plant. It is very stable and resistant. only single water dose per week is enough for its growth and it requires less sunlight as compared to others. here are some instruction that how to use aloe vera in certain conditions. B reak off the fresh leaf of aloe vera when you want to use it. use fresh aloe vera. The healing and curing properties of aloe vera decrease as time passes. Aloe vera is available in gel and lotion forms in the market but it is better if it is used in its fresh form. A loe vera has anaesthetic and antibacterial properties. when used on wounds, wounds heal rapidly with less scarring. Now rub Aloe vera on affected skin (sunburned, wrinkled or injured skin) It is better to apply Aloe vera with the help of a cloth or some other adhesive ma

health benefits Of Aloe Vera - Effects Of aloe Vera On Healing - Other Benefits of Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many benefits. Some important ones are given below Aloe vera is considered as a natural healer and can be used to cure multiple diseases according to the various studies and researches.

Meditation And Pain Relief - Effects Of Meditation On Pain - Meditation Decreases Pain Better Than Drugs

Meditation is a process in which a person trains his mind and self induces a mode of consciousness in order to realize some benefits. Meditation has been practised since ancient times. According to a new study, meditation practice is actually more powerful than medication in terms of its ability to relieve pain. Researchers from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina worked on this breakthrough study to take a closer look at the type of impact meditation had on pain, and how much relief it could provide. Meditation is extremely complex, but breaking it down into simpler terms, it is a state you put your body in where your mind of free from the world around you. The idea was to see how meditation compared to pain relief medication. In a lab setting, researchers applied heat probes to male and female participants at a temperature of 120F. They did this first while they were on medications or pain relief drugs, and then while they we

Streptococci - How to Diagnose Various Streptococci In Laboratory

Streptococci are round or oval shape bacteria and occur in chains. Streptococci are Gram positive cocci.  These are catalase negative while staphylococci are catalase positive. Catalase is an enzyme which converts hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Streptococci include following bacteria Group A; S. pyogenes Group B; S. Agalactiae Group D ; E. Facalis, E. Facium, S Bovis S. pneumonia Viridans group . S. mutan, S. anguis, S. mitis, S. gordoni. S. salivarius etc Laboratory Diagnostic Features / How to diagnose different species of Streptococci . Streptococci are diagnosed on the basis of hemolysis tests and Sensitivity Tests. S. pyogenes:                   It shows beta haemolysis . and it is bacitracin sensitive S. agalactiae:                  It also shows beta haemolysis but it is bacitracin resistant and it hydrolyzes Hippurate E. faecalis:                  It can be differentiated from other streptococci as it grows on bile esculin agar, wherea

What is Alpha and Beta Hemolysis-Difference between alpha and beta hemolysis.

Alpha and beta hemolysis and the difference between alpha and beta hemolysis. Alpha hemolysis .                                                                  Alpha hemolytic bacteria cause incomplete lysis of red blood cells.                                         Therefore,  they form the greenish zone around their colonies on the blood agar. Beta hemolysis:                          Beta-hemolytic bacteria cause complete lysis of red blood cells, hence they form clear zone around their colonies. Some bacteria (e.g S. pyogenes, S. Aglactiae ) produce enzymes called Streptolysins ( also called hemolysins). These enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of RBCs. Those bacteria which produce these enzymes show beta hemolysis and those which don't produce these enzymes show alpha or no hemolysis. 

Best Body Building Supplements - Which Body Building Supplement Really Works ? Choose Body building Supplement Carefully -

Muscles need proteins to increase their mass. Protein alone can't help. Muscles must be given enough stress that they try to adapt to that stress by increasing their mass. Stress should not be nutritional rather it should be in the form of strong contractions. that can be brought about by lifting heavy weights. Water, Protein, Vitamins are necessary for building mass. Carbohydrates increase stamina and tolerance. So they must be added in the diet.  Water: Water comprises 73 percent of muscle mass. drink at least 8 - 12 cups of pure water daily. Use liquid supplements which flood your Whey Protein Whey protein is extracted from milk. it is very helpful in gaining muscle mass. It is comprised of reasonably short chains of amino acids making it very quick to digest and get absorbed. It also seems to have a close to the ideal ratio of amino acids to support muscle growth. Whey protein products also tend to taste quite a bit better than most other forms. There are man

Are Airport Body Scanner Associated With Health Risk ?

One can't give any precise yes or no answer to this question. Airport body scanners use radiations and we know that radiations are harmful to the body. Full-body scanners used to secure airports, about 1,000 of which will be deployed across the United States by year's end, do not pose health risks, a study released has found. Now a question arises in every mind that will these radiations damage the body tissue? are these have any harmful effects on the body? A recent Study report has been published. This may help those people and may clear their doubts to some extent.

Exercise Prevent Heart Muscles Aging-Exercise Increases Life Of Heart

Heart Muscles Grow old as time passes and their functional ability gradually reduces in old age. Experts believe that regular exercise keeps heart muscles strong and save them from the harmful effects of ageing. Details Of the study and experiments are stated below;

What is Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) - Definition - Is Euthanasia Allowed ?

What Is Euthanasia?                             Euthanasia literally means mercy killing or putting a person to painless death in case of incurable suffering and disease or when the life of a person becomes purposeless and dependent on others as a result of mental or physical handicap. Is Euthanasia Allowed?                            According to an Indian author C.K Parikh the question of Euthanasia arises on three occasions; At birth, At the terminal stage of life and an unforeseen mishap. At birth : Problem arises in case of physically and mentally handicapped infant. The decision should be based on the quality of life the child can expect and tits consequents impact on parents, society and the resources of the State. The Child won't enjoy life and he will be dependent on others every moment. Hence Euthanasia is an option. At Terminal Stage of Life. If a patient is suffering from immense pain in his terminal stage of life, he can request the doctor to help him in g