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I have Dry Skin, nothing helps, What to do?

The problem of Dry skin is faced by millions of individuals all around the world. Both male and females can be affected by this problem, but females are usually more concerned about it. There are a number of things which can be done to get rid of dry skin. Let us discuss them one by one. 1. Use Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. Omega 3 fatty acid supplement is found to be very effective for individuals who suffer from the problem of dry skin and dry eyes. Omega 3 fatty acid hydrates the skin from the inside. But they should be used for the period of 3 months to show their effects. Omega 3 fatty acid is easily available in the pharmacy and doesn’t need a prescription. 2. Moisturizers Moisturizers may be oily or non-oily. Oily moisturizers are more effective because they don’t let the water to leave the skin for a longer period of time, but they may clog the pores and predispose to the acne formation and may give glistening look to the face which is not acceptable for most of the pe

Can Ovarian cyst and Nabothian cyst give false positive pregnancy test. Question Answered by Dr. Adil Ramzan

Q. hi i went to the hospital yesterday for abdominal pain and i had 4 positive pregnancy test at home ,the dr from the hospital said i was indeed pregnant but they couldn't see no baby yet since i was too early in pregnancy they could only see the sac ,they also said i had ovarian cyst/nabothian cyst ..can those cause a false positive pregnancy test and also a blood test? im really excited about my pregnancy but scared that i might not be..Could it be possible that i can still be pregnant? A. Thank you for asking question. No nabothian cyst and ovarian cyst can’t give false positive test. They saw a sac inside the uterus, so it seems you are pregnant, Wait for 2 weeks and have an ultrasound again. You will know. Apparently and from the available history it seems that you are pregnant. Hope it helps. Best Regards.

Ear wax impaction treatment – Soda glycerin 3-4 drops two times a day

Ear wax is secreted by the glands associated with the hair follicles of the ear canal. The function of earwax is protective against bacterial infections. So earwax is protective. But sometimes due to over-secretion of the ear wax due to environmental factors or failure of drainage of the wax out of the ear by ciliary movement result in ear wax impaction. Ear wax impaction causes pain, discomfort, feeling of heaviness and blockage in the affected ear. If it is confirmed that you have ear wax impaction that causes you auditory problems then the simple and first-line treatment is the use of soda glycerin. Soda glycerin which is easily available in the market liquefies the impacted wax and the wax comes out of the ear after liquefaction. Put 3-4 drops of soda glycerin into the affected ear and keep your ear up for 5-7 minutes to keep the medicine inside the ear for sometime so that it can react with the impacted wax. Do this two times a day for 4-5 days. If problem doesn’t solve within

Esophagitis Endoscopic pictures By Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti

Esophagitis means inflammation of esophagus. There are various types of esophagitis. The signs and symptoms of each type of esophagitis are more or less the same, but the causes are different. For example, 1. Chemical esophagitis: Caused by chemicals, Click here to read in detail about chemical esophagitis 2. Infectious esophagitis: As name itself represents, it is caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses. Click here to learn more about Infectious esophagitis   3. Reflux Esophagitis : Reflux esophagitis is a result of Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). Click here to learn more about Reflux esophagitis 4. Barret esophagitis : Caused by chronic reflux of stomach acid back to to esophagus. Chronic untreated GERD causes this type of esophagitis. Click here to learn more about barret esophagus Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti , an honorable member of , and also is the Head of Medicine Department of Capital Hospital Islamabad Pakistan, who is also an expert endoscopist, has share