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Patiromer - a new potassium binder - Replaces Kayexalate.

Patiromer is a relatively new potassium binder and studies showed it is superior to Kayexalate which has been conventionally used to lower potassium in hyperkalemia due to various causes, especially renal failure. Patiromer works by binding to free potassium available the intestine and prevent its absorption into the bloodstream. It releases positive calcium ions which are absorbed instead of potassium if needed. As free potassium readily combines to the Patiromer, thus less potassium is available for absorption, this results in a decrease in potassium blood potassium level. Patiromer is not absorbed by the gut, thus it has no systemic side effects. The side effects are mainly related to the gut. Another advantage of Patiromer over Kayexalate is that it can be given in heart failure, hypertension, and CKD etc. Kayexalate has high sodium content and this can be potentially harmful in case of heart failure, hypertension and even in advanced chronic kidney disease. Anothe