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IELTS or OET - Reviews - Personal Experience - Which to Choose - IETLS vs OET

OET and IELTS both are used to assess the knowledge of English Language. The basic difference between the above two is this, IETLS is a more generalized English language assessment test, on the other hand, OET is profession specific. For example, if you are a doctor, the content of the test will be related to your occupation. Because of this, the OET is being chosen by many healthcare professional instead of IELTS. Both tests have the same sub-categories, that is listening, speaking, writing and reading. Lets us discuss the differences one by one. TEST OET IELTS OET Compared to IELTS is ………. (Author’s opinion) Speaking You will need to do two role plays. You will be given a situation and asked to counsel the patient about a disease and treatment or break the bad news. It has 3 parts, first is an introduction and general question, In the second part you will be provided with a topic to speak for 2 minutes. In the 3rd part, you will b