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How To Prevent/Stop Hair Falling - Easy Tips - Both for Males and Females

As you grow some physical and hormonal changes occur in your body. Males are more vulnerable to suffer
from hair loss because
the male hormone testosterone promotes baldness (loss of scalp hair).
These are some useful tips to prevent and stop hair fall. Females are less likely to suffer from hair loss than males

Don't Pull your hair. Hair pulling can damage your follicles permanently and the follicle may not grow again once damaged.

Don't Rub your hair with a towel to dry the moisture. simple pat the moist hair with a towel to remove extra moisture. Rubbing may damage your hair follicle ( because rubbing will pull hair)

Avoid Wig use unless a doctor prescribes. Because the use of wig will prevent hair follicles to get oxygen. it will also compress the blood vessels rendering hair follicles short of oxygen.

Use the right Shampoo. Use a cheaper shampoo that promises to wash your hair. Don't use heavy formula shampoos, they are expensive and are not good to hair.

Colourants and perms can damage your follicles so avoid them as much as possible.

Rinse your hair properly after shampoo. Soap and shampoo have chemicals which can damage your scalp and hair follicles if not washed properly.

Check your Diet. avoid oily diet. Eat a healthy diet, add fruits

Avoid exposure of skull to strong sunlight. sunlight can burn your hair follicles.

After swimming in a pool or sea water, take a shower with clean pure water to remove all the salt and chlorine from your scalp. Salt and chlorine damage your hair follicles.

Avoid salts in your diet as much as possible.

Avoid excessive shampooing. shampoo on alternate days.

Moderate exercise increases blood circulation to the scalp.

Rub Vitamin E gently on the scalp as a remedy for dandruff

Apple cider vinegar is also useful to remove dandruff. Apply apple cider vinegar as the rinse. cover your hair with a towel for about 2 hours then shampoo.

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco, it contributes to hair loss.

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  1. been having falling hair for the past months and so worried about it. thanks for sharing this post!


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