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I missed three pills in a row and now i am bleeding

Hello, I'm currently taking Microgynon 30ED and I missed three pills in a row and I am currently experiencing bleeding. I was 9 days into taking the pill when I missed the three. I was wondering if I am experiencing my period, if it is just bleeding due to the interruption of the pill. I was also wondering to stop and wait 7 days and take the inactive pill and then resume with my next pack or continue taking the active pill and wait the appointed days for my period? I am not sexually active so I don't need to worry about sexual matters or pregnancy. I am taking the pill as an option to ease pain during my period. Thank you for any help you can give me on clearing this problem. Answer: Hi thanks for asking question and sory for late reply. okay. your history suggest that the bleeding occurred due to interruption of pills. and tell me why are you taking you these pills? do you have any problem? If you don't have any problem or irregular periods or PCOD or any other femi


A 55 year old man comes to the emergency department of the hospital with the complain of intermittent disphagia, hiccups, Reflex of the stomach content chest pain which is relieved considerably by a loud belch and shortness of breath. all these symptoms are intermittent. Answer the questions given below: Loading...

I want to know about gilbert syndrome..and is there any treatment for it ?

hey I am Sandip... I want to know about gilbert syndrome..and is there any treatment for it ??? If not then how we can be far from jaundice ???? If we are gilbert syndrome victim??? hope to be in touch... Answer: Hi,,, Hope you will be doing great.. Gilbert syndrome is a hereditary condition. hereditary means it occurs due to a developmental defect in fetus inside the womb of the mother. In this disease the breakdown product of hemoglobin(a pigment precent in red blood cells) which is called billirubin can't be conjugated. Conjugation is a process in which billirubin is combined with other products which makes its excretion easy and fast. In gilbert syndrome this process of conjugation is defective because necessary machinery for conjugation has found to be missing in such patient. Now bilirubin starts accumulating in the blood. But in gilbert syndrome this accumulation is not severe. It becomes severe occasionally which solves spontaneously. It seldom needs professional care.