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Ulcer in Stomach – Do I have any Chance of Cancer?

Question: My Endoscopy was done today please let me know if it is fine or not... Do I have any Chance of getting Cancer . I am very worried about it and Biopsy report will come latter after 4 Days Please Help me regarding this matter...   FINDINGS Esophagus revealed a normal L.E.S (Lower Esophageal Sphincter) Esophagus did not reveal any gross mucosal abnormality.. Stomach revealed moderate to severe gastritis with erosions and nodularity in the body and the antrum. Biopsies were taken for HPE and H - Pylori infection. Pylorus was edematous and congested. Proximal duodenum did not reveal any gross mucosal abnormality. Ampulla and peri ampullary region were normal. ( K***** Desa***) ENDOSCOPIC DIAGNOSIS Moderate to severe erosive gastritis. RECOMMENDATIONS Conservative treatment, Review after biopsy report- Answer: Hello K***n. Thank you for asking the question. Your endoscopy report revealed gastritis. Now there are many possibilities, this gastritis could be nothing or it could be

Ceftriaxone vs Chloramphenicol for Treatment of Typhoid Fever: Ceftriaxone, a better alternative

Author: Dr. Adil Ramzan Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan Bannu Medical College, Bannu, Pakistan Typhoid fever also known as enteric fever is one of the world’s most common diseases. Typhoid fever affects More than 20 million people each year of which 0.7 million people die. In the 1980s the treatment of typhoid fever was started with chloramphenicol, ampicillin and TMP/SMX. But today, most of the bacterial strains that cause typhoid fever are resistant to both ampicillin and TMP/SMX. Resistant strains to chloramphenicol are now emerging. Nowadays third-generation cephalosporin and Floroquinolones are considered first-line agents for the treatment of typhoid fever. In a study, conducted by Department of Paediatrics and Child Health and Faculty of Medicine of the University of Natal (situated in Durban, Republic of South Africa) compared the efficacy of chloramphenicol and ceftriaxone for the treatment of typhoid fever. They included 59 children in the study. All ch

Can I increase my height? How to grow tall? Genetics of Height

The tall height looks good and attractive. Everybody wants to grow tall. Here let us discuss what can help you to increase your height and what are things that don’t affect the height but are highly advertised. 1. Genetics: Height is genetically defined. If your body has not a dominant gene of taller height, you can’t do much to increase your height. If both of your parents are tall then you will be tall. If one of your parents is tall then there is a 75% chance that you will grow tall. If both of your parents are short then still there is 25% chance that you will be tall, it depends on the heterozygosity of your mother. Anyhow Genetics has the main role to play in determining the height of a person. 2. Nutrition and diet: Nutrition and diet is a second important factor in determining the height of an individual. If you have good genetic height but you don’t eat well you can’t grow tall. Bones and body muscle needs calories in the form of proteins , carbohydrates and fats (Diet sho

USMLE Question: Clinical Case - 12

USMLE Clinical Case 12 A 36 year old female complains that she has lost weigh, has terrible foul smelling diarrhea on and off for most of adult life and is lethargic. She has a college degree and works as a secretary for a hospital administrator but just gave birth 3 months ago so on a maternity leave. GI problems run on the maternal side of her family. She has been relying on Chicken, noodle, soup, crackers and sprite for past few days. Her height is 5’3’’ and her weight is 92lbs. Answer the following questions: Click next when you answer a question. When you answer all the questions you will get your score instantly. You may review the quiz to see what answers were wrong. Kindly like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter or subscribe via email to receive future posts and questions. If you can’t see the questions kindly refresh the page. If the questions still don’t appear than place a comment a below. We will address the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting Medic