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the ovarian cyst is a collection of fluid surrounded by thin walls, within an ovary.

if the size of ovarian follicle is greater than 2 cm it is termed as ovarian cyst.95 % of ovarian cysts are benign, it means they don't give harm. Many of them disappear spontaneously.
if the size of ovarian cyst increases beyond 5 cm, then it may be considered for surgical

What to do after you have been diagnosed with the ovarian cyst?

if the size is small, and you are not experiencing symptoms that you don't need anything to do.
if the size is bigger, more than 5 cm, there are chances of complications and its removal becomes necessary.
common complications are the pain, bleeding, rupturing of the cyst.


Painkillers: paracetamol/acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used. potent painkillers (e.g opioid) should be used under prescription.
Warm Baths: heat application on the lower abdomen is useful for relieving the cramp, lessen discomfort and it increases circulation.
Contraceptives: Contraceptives prevent the conversion of follicles into cysts and maintain the menstrual cycle. they prevent the growth of facial hair, which is a symptom of ovarian cyst.
Surgical Removal: if the size is large, and there is fear of complications, cyst must be removed surgically

Contraceptives contain the female hormones (Estrogens, progesterone etc) which have many applications, these are not used for contraception only.


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