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Short Stature or Short Height Causes, Investigations and Treatment/Management

Short Stature: The short height of an individual is recognized by comparing the height of the child with another child from the same population having similar genetic background by using the mid-parental height. Formula for Calculating Mid Parental Height For Females: Target height in cm = mother’s height in cm + (father’s height in cm – 13) / 2 For Males: Target height in cm = (mother’s height in cm + 13) + (father’s height in cm) / 2                Short stature may be normal or abnormal. So taking genetic background into account is very crucial to determine the physiological (normal) or pathological (abnormal) nature of short stature. For example, if both the parents have short height then the child will also have a short height and nothing much can be done to increase the height of such an individual. Moreover, short stature can be a symptom of some chronic or genetic disease and poor nutrition is another essential determinant of short stature in genetically normal in

Day to Day Causes of Post-Operative Fever

Postoperative fever is common in post-surgical patients. It is estimated that up to two third of the patients suffer from postoperative fever. Post-operative fever may occur due to infectious or non-infectious causes. Non-Infection Causes of Post Operative Fever: Surgical trauma to tissues itself is a strong stimulus of cytokines release. Interleukin 1 (IL 1), Interleukin 6 (IL 6), Tumor necrosis factor alpha and Interferon gamma, all may release after surgery. Release of these cytokines after surgical procedure results in fever. Lung Atelectasis is another cause of post-operative fever. Certain drugs also tend to increase temperature. For example, serotonergic drugs, antidopaminergic drugs (cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome), Sulfa antibiotics, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Progesterone, Chemotherapeutics, anti-histamines, cimetidine among the many others may cause fever. Transfusion reaction is yet another non-infectious cause of post-operative fever. Others are; Deep venous thro

Missed my birth control pills, severe bleeding that doesn’t stop

Hi. Need some help. I'm on birth control. My menstrual came as planned 10th - 16th Feb but for my new pack I forgot to take 3 pills in a row from 21st -23rd Feb and as well as I had unprotected sex. It came. Back on the 23rd late at night after which I continued taking my pills. Had bleeding different than usual no cramps but heavily for about 7 days 24th Feb & 3rd March. When I thought it finished today 5th I'm seeing bleeding again. Don't think I am pregnant really wouldn't mind usually use pills to regulate my periods but do u think it could be more? Just feeling as though it will not stop. Answer: Hi, I have already answered this question in the following post Missed birth control pills, what to do? Kindly read the above article, you will have a clear information about, what should be done when birth control pills are missed. Missing birth control pills may result in withdrawal bleeding. This is explained in the following article that why missing the birth