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Dark Acnes on Back Treatment

how to get rid of back acnes in short time Dark brownish, pinkish or yellowish on back basically represent more severe form acne. Among those people who have the problem of acne, 60% of them also have acne on the back. So it is a common problem.
Acne on the back may be painful or non-painful. Our back also has sebaceous glands and hair. And all those areas of the body which are covered with hair also have sebaceous glands. All those areas of the body which contain sebaceous gland may get acne. Whenever the pore of a sebaceous gland blocks, or over secretion of the sebum from the sebaceous gland results in the formation of acne.
Acne may get infected and this turns them into yellowish pustules. These may be painful.

Treatment of Back Acne or Bacnes
Acne on the back is sometimes also referred to as bacnes. The approach to the treatment is simple;
1. Avoid some medications.
2. Maintain proper hygiene.
3. Seek professional help and use specific medication to treat acnes.
4. Long term use of antibiotics.
Those people who use androgenic hormonal injections are more prone to get back and facial acne. Avoid these injections if you have back acne. Some other medications which contain lithium may also cause acne. Avoid medicated soaps. Medicated and germicidal soaps dry your skin which stimulates oil production and may cause acne.

Maintain proper hygiene. Clean the back with a good quality cleanser or non medicated soap. Take a shower after exercise or heavy sweating. Wear clean clothes etc.

Some ingredients that help to cure mild acne are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur.
“I remember a story of my childhood. I belong to rural and hilly area of District Abbottabad of Pakistan. In my village there was a rotten egg like smelly spring water at the base of a hill. Men and women who had acnes used to come from far away to visit that place and washed themselves with that spring water. And their acnes really faded away after few visits. When i grew up and became a doctor then i realized that rotten egg smell was that of sulfur and sulfur helps to cure acnes. People didn’t know about that scientific reason and believed that spring water is sacred” (Dr Adil Ramzan)
If acne does not fade away with the above methods then you should visit a dermatologist. Then you may need some antimicrobial therapy. He may prescribe you topical and oral antimicrobial preparations. These low dose oral and topical antimicrobial medications are usually taken for the longer duration of time.
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