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Neural Crest Cells Derivatives – Human Embryology

Derivatives of neural crest cells Neural crest cells are present in the early embryonic period. The neural crest cells are the primitive cells and they latter on develop in to more specialized structures. Following are the derivatives of neural crest cells.

1. Connective tissue and bones of the face and skull

2. Cranial nerve ganglia

3. Cells of the thyroid gland

4. Conotruncal septum in the heart

5. Odontoblasts

6. Dermis in the face and neck

7. Spinal ganglia ( also known as dorsal root ganglia)

8. Sympathetic chain and preaortic ganglia

9. Parasympathetic ganglia of the gastrointestinal tract

10. Adrenal medulla

11. Schwann cells

12. Glial cells

13. Meninges of the forebrain

14. Melanocytes

15. Smooth muscle cells to the blood vessels of the face and forebrain.

If you are practicing for a medical examination, for example USMLE, or PLAB, then you should memorize these because you will get an MCQ about this.

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