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Developmental Horizons During Fetal Life Event

developmental horizons of human fetus

In this brief post, we will discuss some development horizons during fetal life events. These developmental horizons help us to determine the how optimum the intra-uterine growth and development of the fetus is in relation to its age. Length of the fetus and uterine fundus height determine the adequacy of the physical growth of the baby, but there are few other parameters which help us to have an idea of neuronal growth and development of the baby. These parameters include; an appearance of taste buds, initiation of swallowing and respiratory movements, Sucking movements, Response to the sound, Sensitivity of eyes to light.

So the physical growth of the baby should lie in parallel to the neuronal growth of the fetus. For example, fetus starts swallowing movements as early as 10 weeks of age. So if fetal length corresponds to the age of 10 weeks then swallowing movements should also be present at that time. Similarly, other parameters are listed below;


Appearance of taste buds

    7 weeks

Initiation of swallowing movements

    10 weeks

Initiation of respiratory movements

    14-16 weeks

Initiation of Sucking movements

    24 weeks

Response to some sounds


Eyes become sensitive to light


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