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Itchy feet in summer and hot humid weather – Athlete’s Foot - Treatment

Itchy feet in summer after wearing shoesItchy feet in summer especially when you wear shoes in hot weather is a common problem and is being faced by many. Both males and females can be affected by the problem of itchy feet. Itching the feet gives a sense of pleasure and comfort and the sufferer tends to itch more hard and deep this results in wounds and scratches and sometimes bleeding may also occur due to aggressive itching.

The cause of this itchiness of feet in summer is sweating of feet and  sweaty, wet and warm feet are favorite place of fungi. Fungi infect the feet and cause the problem of itchiness and discomfort of feet. Moreover, walking barefooted on ground where another person who had athlete's feet also walked bare footed may also cause fungal infection. Similarly swimming with infected person or using clothes or socks of infected person may also cause fungal infection of feet.

Wearing closed shoes doesn’t allow the sweat to dry and also increases the temperature of the feet. This favors the growth of fungi. Vigorous itching breaks the skin and gives the fungi even more favorable site for growth. If treatment doesn’t initiated or the person doesn’t start to take precautions such as keeping his feet dry and cool and avoid closed shoes then the problem worsens and the skin of feet gradually shed off, leaving a wounded area behind.

Between the toes is the area that is more frequently affected. Because that area is warmer and more moist as compared to rest of the area. Skin becomes whitish and more fragile. This condition is also called athlete's foot.

The treatment of fungal infection of feet is simple and effective. Topical anti-fungal creams are available in the market which are effective. In-case of severe itching there are antifungal creams with a steroid included in them. The steroid component help to get rid of the problem of itching. In case of severe infection, a weekly dose of fluconazole 150mg is given for 4 weeks (one tablet per week for four weeks so 4 tablets).

Usually patient responds to the above mention medicinal treatment. Supportive treatment include;

    1. Keep you feet dry and cool
    2. Take good care of hygiene of feet.
    3. Don’t use nail clippers of infected person.
    4. Don’t use socks of other person.
    5. Don’t walk bare footed.
    6. Don’t swim in dirty, stagnant water pools.

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