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Ear wax impaction treatment – Soda glycerin 3-4 drops two times a day

Ear wax impaction, Ear cerumen impaction Ear wax is secreted by the glands associated with the hair follicles of the ear canal. The function of earwax is protective against bacterial infections. So earwax is protective. But sometimes due to over-secretion of the ear wax due to environmental factors or failure of drainage of the wax out of the ear by ciliary movement result in ear wax impaction. Ear wax impaction causes pain, discomfort, feeling of heaviness and blockage in the affected ear.
If it is confirmed that you have ear wax impaction that causes you auditory problems then the simple and first-line treatment is the use of soda glycerin. Soda glycerin which is easily available in the market liquefies the impacted wax and the wax comes out of the ear after liquefaction.
Put 3-4 drops of soda glycerin into the affected ear and keep your ear up for 5-7 minutes to keep the medicine inside the ear for sometime so that it can react with the impacted wax. Do this two times a day for 4-5 days. If problem doesn’t solve within 3-5 days then you have to see a doctor, as then you may need an ear lavage.
In the ear lavage, the ear canal is washed with water which clears off all the impact wax.
Ear lavage for ear wax cerumen impaction
There no serious side effect of using soda glycerin except for, it can make your ear canal dry, which can be troublesome.

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