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Can Ovarian cyst and Nabothian cyst give false positive pregnancy test. Question Answered by Dr. Adil Ramzan

Q. hi i went to the hospital yesterday for abdominal pain and i had 4 positive pregnancy test at home ,the dr from the hospital said i was indeed pregnant but they couldn't see no baby yet since i was too early in pregnancy they could only see the sac ,they also said i had ovarian cyst/nabothian cyst ..can those cause a false positive pregnancy test and also a blood test? im really excited about my pregnancy but scared that i might not be..Could it be possible that i can still be pregnant?

A. Thank you for asking question.
No nabothian cyst and ovarian cyst can’t give false positive test.
They saw a sac inside the uterus, so it seems you are pregnant, Wait for 2 weeks and have an ultrasound again. You will know. Apparently and from the available history it seems that you are pregnant.
Hope it helps.

Best Regards.

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