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Pyloric Stenosis Due to Pyloric Channel Ulcer – Endoscopic view - Dr. SA Satti

This is a case of 75 year old male, who presented to medical outpatient department of Capital Hospital Islamabad with history of dyspepsia for the last 6 months and vomiting since last fourteen days.


He also had the significant history of weight loss. There wasn’t any history of black stools, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, headache. But he was feeling fatigued, dizziness and generalized weakness. He vomits right after eating or drinking fluids. The vomitus consists of the contents of recently eaten food. He was given medication for symptomatic relief but medication wasn’t of great help for him. Considering his age and the signs/symptoms, Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti wo was on the case, went for an upper GI endoscopy.


He did the endoscopy and got following picture of the stomach.


Pyloric stnosis, endoscopic view, by Dr. siddique Akbar Satti

Dr. Satti says in his report that the gastric cavity is dilated with large amount of residual food and fluid, even after 12 hours of fasting. There is a large sized ulcer with friable surrounding mucosa in the pre pyloric channel. Pylorus i markedly deformed and stenosed. Endoscope cannot pass any further. Multiple biopsies taken from the pyloric channel and ulcer margins. The black arrow in the picture points toward ulcer and red arrow shows the pyloric stenosis.

So this was yet another case of pyloric stenosis with a different presentation. Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti is being sharing few more cases of pyloric stenosis with a different and peculiar presentation.



Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti Of Capital Hospital Islamabad

Special Thanks:

To Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti. Dr. Siddique Akbar Satti is the Head department of medicine, of Capital Hospital Islambad Pakistan. He is an expert endoscopist and an honarable member of editorial board of

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