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Is Cancer Completely Curable or Treatable Without Recurrence?

Is cancer curable and treatableThis is the most common question that comes into the mind of every young adult individual. Is cancer Curable? Is there any complete treatment available for cancer? or Can a cancer be cured completely without recurrence?
The simple answer to this question is “Yes, cancer is curable if it is detected early” or even in late stages, the lifespan of a cancer patient can be increased considerably.
The most common cancer in men is lung cancer and the most common cancer in women in breast cancer. In this article, our main focus will be these two cancers.
Let us consider the example of Yuvraj Singh, the famous Indian cricket player, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. The cancer was malignant (dangerous), but it was diagnosed earlier. He underwent chemotherapy in Cancer Research Institute, Boston and a year later he became fit again and resumed his cricket.
Breast cancer is also curable if diagnosed earlier, that is in stage 1 or 2 (out of 4). In the last 5 years, I didn’t see any patient with cancer recurrence who was diagnosed and treated in stage 1 or 2. The treatment of breast cancer includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and mastectomy (that is excision of the breast). If all these treatment modalities are used breast cancer then it doesn’t recur in 80% of patient in at least next 10 years or not at all.
Colon cancer, Rectal Cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, also need surgery, chemotherapy an radiotherapy.
If cancer is diagnosed in stage 3 or 4 then more aggressive and longer treatment is needed. But still, the life expectancy of the patient can be increased (with God Will).
Cancer originates from a small group of cells, these cells become cancerous either due to genetic or environmental reason. The cancerous cells have the ability to divide indefinitely. These cells use the nutrition and take the place of the normal cells. These cells lose the functional ability and can’t perform specialized functions. The goal of the treatment is to remove these cancerous cells from the body.
Surgery helps to reduce the large cancerous mass and radio and chemotherapy help us to eradicate the residual disease and to prevent recurrence.

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