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Understand Cancer

nowadays breast cancer is becoming common among women. the mothers who feed their babies with their own milk save themselves from getting breast cancer.
contraceptive use greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. the two reason which can tell you why modern young women are easily attacked by this disease :)

What is Cancer
our body is made of cells. every organ is made of the cell. cells have the ability to divide.
but certain growth-promoting factors and growth inhibiting factors check the dividing ability of cell.
when an organ or part of the body reaches the appropriate length and width the inhibitory factors become active and block the further growth and dividing of cells.
sometimes a cell escapes this prohibitory mechanism and divides without check and form an undifferentiated mass of cancerous tissue. these cells continue to divide and invade and destroy the surrounding tissue.
this state is called CANCER.

cancer is commonly named according to the place where the abnormal cells are present.
that is 
A brain tumour means the cancerous cells are growing in the brain and occupying space, exerting pressure effects of normal brain cells, compressing them and destroying them. Similarly, lung tumour, hepatic tumour (liver),  adrenal tumour, kidney tumour, uterine tumour, ovarian tumour etc


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