how to increase muscles without anabolics Gaining muscle mass and looking muscular and attractive is every young man’s dream. In the recent past anabolic steroids have become much popular because they are a shortcut to the goal. But these anabolic steroids are poisonous to your body. They decrease your body’s owns steroid production. Their long term use cause testicular atrophy, they decrease sperm production, they cause bloating and hirsutism, they increase the incident of cardiovasular diseases and diabetes. In the nut shell their use shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

Let us discuss few methods that will help you to increase muscle mass without anabolic steroids.

1. lift more

first thing you should do is to increase your weight progressively. The more you lift, more will be the muscle size. Our body has the extraordinary quality of adapting to new changing situations. when you lift more, your body will adapt to this new situation by increasing the muscle mass, so if next time if you lift the same load it will be comparatively easier.

2. Number of Reps

8-12 reps is an optimal range. Lesser reps are unable to exert the required stress. If you can do 8-12 reps easily then increase the weight and lift more. Another study suggested that instead of lifting heavy weight if you do as many reps as you can with lighter weight then this will also help to gain muscle mass.

3. Duration of Exercise

Spend one hour in doing intense workout. Don’t do intense workout for hours. After about 45 minutes of intense workout, cortisol level of the body increases. Cortisol inhibit testosterone, the hormone responsible for increasing the muscle size. Therefore, do intense workouts for 45-60 minutes

4. Frequency of Exercise

Give your muscles enough time to heal. When you do intense workouts, microscopic tears occur in muscle fibers. These tears need some time to heal. Therefore, do not do intense workout daily. Do slight workout, the next day of intense of workout or you may take a day off. Don’t do intense workout more than 5 days a week.

5. Eat Proteins

Eat right amount of food. Add quality proteins in your diet. Muscle are made up of proteins and body can increase their size only if enough amount of proteins is available. Good quality protein is that protein which contain all the essential amino acids for example, egg white and animal proteins. 1.5 – 2g of protein per kg of body weight are usually enough.

6. Vitamin supplements

Vitamins binds with metabolic enzymes and enhance their activity. enzymes are important in all the chemical reactions that occur in our body. Vitamins speed the process of muscle synthesis.

7. Take more calories.

When you do workouts, you need extra calories. add 500 calories more to your normal diet.

you can calculate your daily calorie requirement by using the following formula. Add 500 to the results if you have enrolled yourself in a muscle training program.

66 + (6.3 x body weight in pounds) + (12.9 x body height in inches) – (6.8 x your age in years) = Required Calories/day

8. Take good quality fats.

Fats are essential for production of testosterone and other androgenic hormones. These hormones stimulate muscle growth. Take good quality unsaturated fats.

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