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Why I Snore? Causes, Health Risks and Treatment of Snoring

Why i snore
sleep apnea. Snoring is curable once its cause is identified:
Snoring is a loud noise which is produced during deep sleep. It is a very troublesome condition for the bed partner or roommate. Few months ago i heard news on TV that a woman called the police to arrest her husband because he was snoring very loudly. This was a little bit witty but such things may happen. Snoring may predispose a more serious condition called
1. Causes of snoring
2. Health risk of snoring
3. Treatment of snoring

1. Causes of Snoring:

Snoring may follow the following causes:
1. Nasal obstruction: Deviated nasal septum, nasal polyp, benign or malignant tumour of nose and nasopharynx may cause nasal airway obstruction and snore.
2. Alcohol and Sleeping pills: Alcohol and sleeping pills over-relax the soft palate. The soft plate is situated at the back of the mouth and form its posterior roof. The relaxed soft palate may extend up to the pharynx and cause respiratory obstruction. It vibrates with air flow and the sound of snoring is produced. Alcohol and sleeping pills over-relax the soft palate and may result in snoring.
3. Bulky palate and soft tissue: Obese people have bulky palate, uvula and other soft tissues. During sleep when the muscle tone in these bulky tissue decreases they extend to the pharynx and cause airway obstruction and snoring.
4. Abnormally long uvula and soft palate: Some people have abnormally longer uvula and soft palate. During sleep again when muscle tone relaxes, they block the airway and cause snoring.

2. Health Risk of Snoring:

  1. Snoring may be associated with sleep apnea. A condition in which there are regular breath pauses for a few seconds.
  2. Frequent waking: People who snore wake up from sleep several times during the night. They may not aware of that.
  3. They have a higher risk of developing heart disease and hypertension
  4. They remain dizzy, lazy and sleepy at day time due to poor sleep at night.

3. Treatment of Snoring:

  1. If the cause of snoring is known, eliminate that cause. For example, correct the deviated nasal septum, get rid of alcohol and sleeping pills.
  2. Continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP device) has been proved to be effective in most of the people who are affected by snoring
  3. Surgery: Surgery consists of removing of few millimetres of soft tissue from the back of the mouth which cause respiratory obstruction during sleep.

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