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RCP-UK-MTI Program for Pakistani Doctors - How to approach

This article is under review: Author's MTI application is under process via RCPE and RCPL, and this article will be updated in future for further guidance. 

29-April-2019: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons started Mutual Training Initiative. In this program, post-graduate medical residents are asked to apply and shortlisted candidates are interviewed. Among those interviewed, almost all are selected if they have passed the IELTS.

pakistani docotrs work in UK whithout PLAB and MRCP

MTI program - Who is eligible. 

  1. Every post-graduate medical trainee who has completed two years of residency training in a subject (department) is eligible to apply. 
  2. Many say MRCP 1 or IMM is a mandatory requirement and these requirements are mentioned on their official website as well. But in reality, this is not strictly followed. If your CV and academic background are good, you can be selected. 
  3. Furthermore, Many say IELTS is a mandatory requirement, but again this is not strictly followed. I know a few students who are called for the interview, are selected and given time to pass their IELTS. 
  4. Passing IMM, once again is not mandatory. but you can apply. There is a chance you can be selected if they have a shortage of doctors. 

But keep in mind, Those students who have passed IMM, IELTS and MRCP 1 are preferred and in most of the cases are selected. 

Those who have completed two years of residency in any subject may apply and if they are lucky can be selected. 

I will update this thread with success stories and reviews with the passage of time.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. 

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