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Testosterone injections cause infertility - Decreased Sperm Production.

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristics in a male. It promotes muscle size, increases bone mass, increases red cell production, improves mood, behaviour, libido and sexual function.

Testosterone is widely used among the bodybuilders for the purpose of muscle growth. Yes, it does help, but you will have to pay a price.

Exogenous testosterone in a normal person, who doesn't have testosterone deficiency causes a decrease in the production of FSH and LH by the pituitary gland. FSH in males is required for spermatogenesis and it stimulates natural testosterone production by the testes. Now if you are providing your body with already made testosterone, the receptors present in the pituitary will not produce FSH, as your blood has a high level of testosterone because of exogenous injections. Now due to lack of FSH and LH, the two hormones required for sperm production, the sperm production decreases, testicular size may also decrease, as they become dormant, not producing testosterone and sperms.

Decrease sperm production may result in sub or infertility.

When you stop exogenous testosterone injection, your body may take 6 - 18 months to regain fertility.

Thus it is not safe to use exogenous testosterone in a normal young adult. It decreases sperm count, testicular size and causes infertility.

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