In this article, we will briefly discuss Irish Medical Council Registration Requirements for Pakistani and Non-EU doctors and PRESS exemption.

PRESS exemption and Registration requirements for the general category of Irish Medical Council have changed from September 2015. In my opinion, it has been made better and more reliable, although it costs more.

Step No 1: Document verification

Now you have to verify your documents through epic. ( ). EPIC is an organization which verifies medical credentials and directly send them to medical councils. Austrailian medical council and US Medical Councils already use this portal.  Now Irish Medical Council has also started to use EPIC since September 2015.
If you want to apply for PRESS exemption and registration with Irish Medical Council then have your documents verified through EPIC. Once your documents are verified, tell EPIC to send a verification report to Irish medical council, but first start the registration process with Irish Medical Council, when they ask you for verification report, then tell EPIC to send them the report.

Step 2: Get an overall 7 band in IELTS.

Try and Try again to get the required band.

Step 3: Submit the registration fee and proceed with the registration, tell them your EPIC account ID.

Step 4: Wait for their response.

Step 5: Send them Good standing certificate via your respective Medical Council (For example, PMDC for Pakistan).

Step 6: Wait for their response.

You are done :)

We will update this article on a regular basis as we get new information. Please comment below if you want to share your experience or if you have any question.

Dr. Adil Ramzan
Dr Adil Ramzan

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