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USMLE/PLAB/AMC Clinical Case Quiz - 19

Clinical case questionf or usmle, plab or amc examA 6-year-old child present to pediatrician complaining of recurrent lung infections and frequent episodes of foul-smelling greasy stools and intermittent severe constipation. Her mother also noticed something protruding out of his anus. The child seems malnourished and undergrown. He also has some mass inside his right nostril. One of his cousins also has a similar problem. He also complains of indigestion and abdominal fullness. His mother feels salty taste when she kisses her.
In view of the above scenario kindly answer the following questions, you will get an instant score at the end of the quiz. Moreover, you may also review the quiz to find out the correct answer with reasons after submitting the answers.

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