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Severe Pain Above the Umbilicus or below the chest bone-Causes and Solution

The area above the umbilicus and just below the end of middle chest bone is called epigastrium or epigastric region. In most of the cases, the causes of pain above the umbilicus or below the sternum (chest bone) are easily manageable. As for example, Heartburn, also called stomach acidity is the most common cause, In this condition, the affected person feels burning pain inside the abdomen. Such pain usually starts after taking a meal, especially spicy, oily or high-protein one. This can easily be treated by ant-acids.
Pain below the sternum and above teh umbilicus Sometimes, a person feels severe pain below the sternum or above the umbilicus, that aggravates by moving, or when a person tries to stand up or lie down straight, the pain aggravates and some thread like force makes him to bend again. Such type of pain occurs usually due to spasm of central abdominal muscle. This pain resolves suddenly and the patient feels like nothing has ever happened to him.
The other causes of pain in this region may need emergency management. But these are not the common causes. If you feel pain in this region first think about the most common causes as they have already been explained above.

Serious Causes of Pain Above the Umbilicus

Pain in this region may raise the suspicion of some problem in the inner abdominal organs. for example, ulcer in the intestine, pancreatitis, heart attack, stones in the bile duct, cholangitis, intestinal infections etc.
But these conditions present with some other signs and symptoms also, not just pain in the region of epigastrium. For example, a patient who has a severe ulcer in the intestine or stomach also complain of passing black coloured stools, apprehension, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath during exertion, vomiting and nausea. and other problems have their separate associated symptoms. We will explain to them individually in the upcoming articles, or we have already explained to them.

Treatment or Solution

So if you occasionally suffer from pain in the epigastric region, don’t panic, it could be a simple acidity problem or a muscle cramp.
Treatment depends upon the cause of the pain and varies individually. If it’s heartburn or acidity, it can be treated easily with the help of ant-acid syrups and tablets or capsules that stop the production of acid in the stomach, for example, omeprazole, esomeprazole etc. Ulcer needs an addition of few more medicines that make a protective layer inside the wall of intestine. Similarly, conditions like pancreatitis and heart attack need hospital management and intestinal infection needs antibiotics. Therefore, treatment varies with the cause.
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