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USMLE/PLAB/AMC Clinical Case Quiz - 18

USMLE PLAB Clinical Cases Questions 15]An 11-year-old boy comes to the out-patient department complaining of recurrent headaches, palpitations and episodic sweating for the last 3 months. The problem is becoming more severe. The doctor checks his blood pressure, which is 180/100 mm of Hg. Which is very high. His heart rate was 100 beats per minutes. His family history is unremarkable. His full blood count, renal function tests, coagulation profile, and liver function tests are normal. His eyesight is also normal but fundoscopy shows grade 1 hypertensive changes in the retina. His Heart, lung, abdominal and CNS examination was normal. His thyroid examination was normal, and there were no signs of hyperthyroidism.
Now answer the following questions. In the end, you will get your score. You may review the quiz after completion to check the correct answers and reasons.

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