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Latest Vaccination Schedule for New Born Baby in Pakistan

Latest Vaccination Schedule for New Bron Baby in Pakistan

Latest Vaccination Schedule Click here

Old article:
the schedule given below is out-dated. 

Latest Vaccination Schedule Click here

In Pakistan, vaccination of new-born babies is a major problem. The main factors responsible for poor vaccination are; lack of education, in-accessibility, poverty, wrong beliefs and lack of contraception.

But the good news is, the government has been taking a keen interest in new-born vaccination since last few years and introduced some major changes. Also, Government has allocated separate funds for the New-born vaccination program. Now around 70% of new-born are vaccinated (data of 2013) against, Polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Hepatitis B vaccination has now also included in EPI schedule. Now in the latest schedule, vaccines against meningitis and pneumonia have also been introduced.

Vaccination Schedule for New Born Latest:
Birth – 15 days
BCG (Tuberculosis) + OPV (For Polio)
Age: 6 Weeks
OPV + DPT1 + HepB1 + Hib 1
Age: 10 Weeks
OPV2 + DPT2 + HepB2 + Hib 2
Age: 14 Weeks
OPV3 + DPT3 + Hep B3 + Hib 3
Age: 9 Months
Measles Vaccine
Age: 15-18 Months
1st booster of OPV/DPT + MMR
Age: 5-6 Years
2nd booster of DPT
Age: 10 Years
Tetanus vaccine
Age: 16 Years
Tetanus Vaccine

Key points:
  1. BCG: Bacillus Calmette-Guérin, for tuberculosis, it's dose is 0.1ml and is given via intra-dermal injection.
  2. OPV: Oral Polio Vaccine, its dose varies with the manufacturer
  3. DPT: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, its dose is 0.5ml and is administered intra-muscularly
  4. Hep B: Hepatitis B Vaccine.
  5. Measles dose is 0.5 ml and is given subcutaneously.
  6. Hib: Haemophilus Influenza bacillus: for Meningitis
  7. MMR: Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine, Rubella causes yellow fever.
This is the latest vaccination schedule in Pakistan for new-born babies. Hib and MMR are not available in all the areas of Pakistan. This Schedule is called Extended Program on Immunization (EPI) and it is designed by the World Health Organization.
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