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USMLE/PLAB/AMC Clinical Case Quiz - 17

USMLE PLAB Clinical Cases Questions 15]A 60-year-old male presents to you with a history of fever for more than 3 weeks. He also complains of dizziness, blackouts, weakness, and fatigability. He has no history of recent surgery and dental procedures. But he also complains of on and off constipation and rectal bleeding. For this, his doctor has advised him colonoscopy in the past. His colonoscopy showed an ulcerated fungated mass in the distal colon.
On examination:
    • He is febrile and pale, his blood pressure is 100/70. No lymph nodes.
    • Her lungs are clear. No signs of a chest infection.
    • Oral hygiene was adequate.
    • Cardiac examination revealed a pan-systolic murmur, Grade III, with normal apex beat.
  • Now answer the following questions. In end, you will get your score. Review the quiz when you finish seeing the correct answers. Click on “Feedback” during quiz review to find out why the answers are correct.
Initial baseline investigations showed marked leukocytosis and microcytic hypochromic anemia.

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