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Causes of Chronic and Constant Knee Pain

Constant Chornic Knee pain causesChronic knee pain is long term pain. Constant chronic knee pain is a frequent presenting complain in orthopedic clinics and out patient departments. Usually older men and females complain of knee pain, but in certain conditions younger patients may also suffer from chronic knee pain. Chronic means long term, it is different from the term “acute” knee pain, that means short term pain which usually follows an acute insult to knee joint by accident or acute infection.

Chronic knee pain is different from acute knee pain because it is long term and difficult to treat. Moreover, it seldom resolves spontaneously and it often needs treatment.

Following are the most common causes of chronic and constant knee pain.

  1. Osteoarthritis

    It is a degenerative disease that occurs in older individuals. Females after menopause are more at risk. Osteoarthritis is usually diagnosed on X-ray. Xray shows reduced joint space.
  2. Chondromalacia Patella:

    In chondromalacia patella, the cartilaginous bone in knee cap is deficient. Its deficiency causes more friction, degeneration and aggravates inflammation. Thus patent feels a constant knee pain.
  3. Tendinitis:

    Tendinitis is not very common but may occur in both younger and older patients. It is usually suspected when patient feels pain in front of his knee which aggravated by walking and climbing upstairs.
  4. Bursitis:

    Bursitis is inflammation of the joint cavity. It is usually resolved by medications. But once it occurs, it may occur again. So Patient needs to adopt preventive measures.
  5. Baker’s cyst:

    Baker’s cyst is formed behind the knee. It is felt as a fluctuant lump behind the knee. Patient feels severe pain and it doesn’t resolve without surgery.
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis:

    Both younger and older patients may suffer from this disease. It is an autoimmune disorder. Usually occurs in younger individuals who have frequent histories of untreated sore throats. It causes multiple joint inflammation and ultimately results in bone erosion and joint deformity. It has its own treatment.
  7. Meniscus tear:

    Knee joint has two meniscuses. One is present on each side of the knee. Sometimes, sudden trauma or stress may cause meniscal tear.
  8. Sprain or ligament tear:

    Injury to the ligaments of knee joint may also cause chronic knee pain. Ligaments hold the two bones at joint together.
  9. Bone tumors:

    Tumor or cancer of bones is a rare cause of chronic knee pain.

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