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Should Myrin-P Forte be taken before or after taking meal?

Myrin P Forte before or after mealMyrin P Forte is used to treat tuberculosis. Patients of tuberculosis always try to know whether they should take the TB medicine before or after taking a meal. The answer to this question is that the patient should take the medicine 1 hour before taking breakfast. It is better to take the drug before breakfast because most of the people have fixed time of having breakfast and this drug is well-absorbed when taken empty stomach. Moreover, after taking the drug, if a person vomits then it is easy to recognize the unabsorbed drug in the vomitus if the stomach was empty.
So Myrin-P Forte should be taken one hour before breakfast. Another the most important reason of taking Myrin P Forte before the meal is because, absorption of the two of the important ingredients (i.e, Isoniazid and Rifampicin) of Myrin P forte is decreased when taken with food. So the amount of the drug absorbed in blood decreases and this affects the treatment negatively. Some doctors restart the treatment of tuberculosis when they know that their patient is taking Myrin P Forte or Anti-Tuberculosis medicine with or immediately after meals.
If you forget to take Myrin P Forte before meal or breakfast then take Myrin P forte 2 hours after the meal.
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