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Chances of Fertility With One Testicle–Effects of Having Single Testicle

Single Testis in scrotum can i become a fatherThose men who have single testicle in their scrotum are mostly worried about one question; Whether they can father children with only one testicle. The other questions that come into their minds are; will having a single testicle affect their manhood and masculinity? Will having a single testicle cause them impotent? Will having a single testicle make them less masculine? Will having a single testicle make them like women? Will having a single testicle retard their growth? Will having a single testicle will make their penis smaller? Whether with single testicle can they be able to build muscles? Whether with one testicle they can have normal secondary sexual characteristics, like having a think beard, and hair on chest, axilla, pubis and legs etc, and thick, oily and harsh manly skin. These are some questions that come into the mind of almost every person who has a single testicle in his scrotum.
The main question that comes into their mind is, will one testicle make them infertile? But in this brief article, we will answer all the questions that are stated above.
The answer to all of these questions is “No”. Having a single testicle won’t make them infertile. It won’t make them look like women, it won’t affect their manly look, it won’t make them less masculine and it won’t affect their secondary sexual characteristics.
The reason is that, when one testicle is missing, the other healthy testicle starts doing the job of the missing one. It increases in size and produces enough testosterone and sperms to grow stronger and father children.
Testes produce testosterone, sperms and some other hormones. A constant level of testosterone is maintained in the blood that is required to produce male characteristics and also lot of sperms are needed to father children. If both testicles are present then both testes work together and maintain a constant testosterone level in the blood that is required for growth and development of male characteristics and also they work together to keep the sperm count above the threshold. But if one testicle is not present by birth or removed later due to any cause, the other testicle takes over the function of the missing one. It increases in size and starts producing more testosterone and sperms to maintain the threshold level that is required for the development and maintenance of manhood and fertility.
So if you have single testicle then don’t worry and you will live your life normally without any problem.
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