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Missed my birth control pills, severe bleeding that doesn’t stop

Hi. Need some help. I'm on birth control. My menstrual came as planned 10th - 16th Feb but for my new pack I forgot to take 3 pills in a row from 21st -23rd Feb and as well as I had unprotected sex. It came. Back on the 23rd late at night after which I continued taking my pills. Had bleeding different than usual no cramps but heavily for about 7 days 24th Feb & 3rd March. When I thought it finished today 5th I'm seeing bleeding again. Don't think I am pregnant really wouldn't mind usually use pills to regulate my periods but do u think it could be more? Just feeling as though it will not stop.

Hi, I have already answered this question in the following post
Kindly read the above article, you will have a clear information about, what should be done when birth control pills are missed. Missing birth control pills may result in withdrawal bleeding. This is explained in the following article that why missing the birth control pills result in withdrawal bleeding.
If you have unprotected sex after missing the pills for three or more days then you should think about emergency contraception. But your case is different, you have severe bleeding. Bleeding for more than 7 days should be evaluated clinically by an expert medical practitioner. Usually, just 80 ml of blood loss occur in menstruation. 80 mil corresponds to a cup of blood. Now try to compare your blood loss and if you think that it was a lot more than a cup of blood than you should visit your doctor and have a physical exam and you may need some iron and folic acid supplementation to regain your blood sooner.

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