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Can I increase my height? How to grow tall? Genetics of Height

Can i increase my height grow taller, Genetics of HeightThe tall height looks good and attractive. Everybody wants to grow tall. Here let us discuss what can help you to increase your height and what are things that don’t affect the height but are highly advertised.

1. Genetics:

Height is genetically defined. If your body has not a dominant gene of taller height, you can’t do much to increase your height. If both of your parents are tall then you will be tall. If one of your parents is tall then there is a 75% chance that you will grow tall. If both of your parents are short then still there is 25% chance that you will be tall, it depends on the heterozygosity of your mother. Anyhow Genetics has the main role to play in determining the height of a person.

2. Nutrition and diet:

Nutrition and diet is a second important factor in determining the height of an individual. If you have good genetic height but you don’t eat well you can’t grow tall. Bones and body muscle needs calories in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fats (Diet should be balanced) but there are certain other substances that are needed to achieve good height, These include, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins, iron and other minor minerals.

3. Avoid Growth inhibiting factors:

Genetics and nutrition have an important role to play but there are certain factors that can decrease your ability to grow tall. These include smoking and anabolic steroids. Try to gain muscles without anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are very popular nowadays and are used by young teenagers and athletes to gain muscle mass. These anabolic steroids fuse the growth plates earlier and once the growing plates of bones fuse, you can’t grow tall whatever you do. Normally the growth plates of bones fuse around the age of 18 in males and 16 in females. Caffeine don’t have a direct effect on height but it decreases the sleep duration and may indirectly affect your height.

4. Good Quality Sleep:

Good quality sleep is extremely necessary if you want to allow your bones to grow tall. A teenager should sleep at least 8 – 11 hours a day. During sleep, our body releases growth hormone that promotes growth and height.

5. Strengthen Your Body Defense:

Some diseases can stunt your growth. You can avoid them by immunization. Immunize your baby against the common diseases according to your local EPI program. Eat fresh foods and a balanced diet and do regular exercise.

6. Regular Exercise:

Exercise is good for health. It is said that stretching exercises help to increase height but it’s not proved scientifically. Anyhow, Exercises are good for health and should be done. Exercise shouldn’t be overdone. Do exercise according to your eating pattern. Eat well and exercise well. A teenager should do exercise 3 – 4 days a week and he should take proper rest and allow his body to grow.

7. Good Posture:

Keeping good posture helps you to look taller. Bad posture may put stress your spine and it can get a bad curve, which causes you to look shorter. You should keep your chin up and your shoulder back. Your hips should lie in the plan of your feet. Good posture will help you to look taller.

8. Go to Doctor:

There are certain hidden diseases, hormonal problems and other factors that don’t allow a person to grow tall despite a good diet, exercise and genetic history. In such cases, a registered medical practitioner can help you.
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