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How to check your eyesight for weakness at home?

Check your weak eyesight at home
  Weak eyesight is a problem that may occur in many people. Every home has at least one family member with spectacles. There are many factors that contribute to the development of weak eyesight. These include:
1. Genetic Factors: Conditions like Keratoconus, congenital cataract, congenital corneal malformations, congenital retinal diseases, squint and congenital glaucoma may cause a visual problem.
2. Acquired Factors: Conditions like acquired cataract, acquired glaucoma, corneal ulcers, uveitis, ophthalmitis, dislocation of the lens, hypermetropia, myopia, squint and astigmatism cause visual dimness.

How to check your eyesight at home.

Long-sightedness (Far vision): Long-sightedness (farsightedness) means you can see far objects clearly or better than near objects. You feel difficulty in reading a newspaper. You have to hold it at distance to read better. When you feel any of such symptoms see your doctor.
Spectacles are preferred, These are worn while reading only.

Short-sightedness (Near vision): In short-sightedness, you can’t see far objects clearly but you can see near object better. You can read a book or newspaper without difficulty. This is a commoner problem.
In short-sightedness, you may not read the news bar that appears on TV and you notice that your partner or roommate can read them easily. Your child may watch the TV by sitting close it. If you feel that your child prefer to watch the TV by sitting too close to it then you must suspect a vision problem.
Glasses or contact lenses can be used. If both short and long sightedness co-exist in the same person he may use bifocal glasses and contact lenses that have both near and far vision components.
There are other modern techniques are now developed that can be used. A cataract is a very common condition that may cause dimness of vision. If dimness of vision is due to an error of refractions that can be treated with the help of glasses but if the dimness of vision is due to Keratoconus, cataract or dislocation of lens etc then glasses are not the treatment, surgery is the treatment for this condition. Therefore, The cause of dimness of vision should be evaluated and there are different causes of a sudden and gradual loss of vision. Eyesight can be checked at home by above method but while standing in front of a mirror if you notice any change of colour of pupil, redness, ulceration or corneal growth then you should see a doctor.

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