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Reddish Bumps appear after every time i shave with Razor.

Bumps appear after shaving with razor If you get reddish bumps every time you shave and it makes the shave difficult and painful and it is also affecting your skin and your looks then you are not alone. Many people all over the world face this problem and here will discuss how can we minimize that problem.
What is the scientific or medical name of this condition?
When you go to your doctor, your doctor will not write razor bumps in his diagnosis slip. He will write “pseudofolliculitis barbae” or “Pseudofolliculitis”. Pseudofolliculitis is the scientific or medical name of this condition.

Why razor bumps occur?

Some persons who have some genetic predisposition or have curly hair are at greater risk of developing razor bumps. Actually after shaving the hair curl back and grow into the skin and cause produces an inflammatory response which causes redness, itching and bumping of the affected area. Small bumps appear on the affected area which grows in size, may matt together and their itching causes significant scarring and depressions.

Treatment of Razor Bumps.

Bumps appear after shaving with razor in girls
The best way to get rid of the razor bumps is to stop shaving and of course, this is not what you want and you are not here to know that. So another best way to treat razor bumps is having a laser therapy. Laser therapy prevents hair growth and solves the problem. Other preventive methods are helpful but don’t cure the conditions. They help to reduce the symptoms. So the other things you may do are.
1. Use Hair removal creams, but are not very acceptable, due to their irritating side effects and applying difficulty.
2. Take a hot shower before shaving, this will soften your hair and skin and chances hair bump reduces.
3. Shave along the direction of hair growth. Don shave against the direction of hair growth.
4. . Don’t manipulate your skin by stretching and other manoeuvres during shaving.
5.  Few bumps appear with the use of electric razors. (but not in every case, in some cases more bumps appear)
6. Use a good quality thick shaving gel
7. Press a cold wet towel against your face or shaved area for at least 3-7 minutes.
8. Don’t Rub or scratch the razor bumps.
9. Use cotton clothing so that razor bumps can dry out and heal.
10. Don’t shave if razor bumps are present. Give them time to heal otherwise it can cause scarring.

Medical Treatment of Razor Bumps.

Medical Treatment is not curative but reduces the symptoms of itching and redness. Topical Steroids like hydrocortisone, triamcinolone and topical antibiotics may help to reduce the severity of bumps.

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